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The Ultimate Kit for Travelling with a Dog

Whether you’re heading away on a family holiday or simply heading to the park for an afternoon play, travelling with a dog requires some forethought. Leave without their favourite toy, enough water and plastic bags to clean up after them and you could be in trouble. The more prepared you are, the smoother your journey will be. 

A simple way to always be prepared, beyond having the appropriate pet insurance in place, is to set up a travel kit so you can enjoy spontaneous outings with your fur baby. Leading pet care experts and pet suppliers have shared their invaluable advice and their must-have items for your ultimate dog travelling kit.

Vebo Pet Supplies, Doggie Bags

Dog trainers, breeders, vets, rescue organisations and pet owners all rely on Vebo Pet Supplies for their animal enclosures. This Sydney-based business specialises in carriers, crates, exercise pens and other pet enclosures for both indoor and outdoor use.

The staff at Vebo Pet Supplies say that having a travel kit always ready by the door can help ensure you don’t end up in embarrassing or even dangerous situations with your dog. Even if you have the best-behaved canine on the block, dogs are still unpredictable. You never know when they may decide to leave a gift on the neighbour’s front lawn or react to a loud noise or other external trigger.

You really have to carry the essentials that keep your dog safe and happy – and ensure that your pet doesn’t bother others. Plastic bags for your pet’s waste are a must-have. You can purchase baggies that come in a roll to attach to your pet’s lead, helping to make sure that you never forget them again!

Bark Control Australia, Pre-packed Dog Kit

As their name suggests, Bark Control Australia is in the business of supplying your dog with the right barking solutions, but they also an impressive array of toys and accessories.

This Australian-owned family business has made it their mission to source the best and most innovative pet products from all over the world and say that having a kit for travelling with your pup is the best way to ensure that both you and your dog have a great time.

With the right supplies, you can keep your dog comfortable and safe – and you can enjoy a stress-free trip. Bark Control Australia have made your life really easy with a pre-designed kit for adventuresome dog owners, including the ergonomic IDC Powerharness, the K9 Cruiser Anti-Spill Water Bowl and either a Heavy Duty Ute Lead or Car Safety Seatbelt Adaptor for car trips.

Hachi, Water Supply

Suppliers of fashionable clothing, furniture and accessories for dogs and cats, canine trainers and pet photographers, Hachi are experts on living a doggie life and are passionate about pups. This Melbourne-based company is in the business of bringing out the best aspects of being a pet owner through their fun products.

As dogs can’t pack for themselves, says Hachi, it is up to you to anticipate their needs. With the right items, you can make sure your companion feels relaxed and comfortable. This will help prevent problems with bad behaviour (that stems from stress) while you are on a trip or even just out for a walk in the neighbourhood.

Just as humans need to carry water when out to stay hydrated, Hachi explains that your dog needs a water supply too. Dogs actually can become dehydrated more easily than we can, especially when they are doing a lot of running around.

A foldable water bowl, or a water bottle that is designed specifically for dogs to drink from, is one of the most important items you can include in your kit.

Treats a La Bark, Dog Collar

Making tasty, organic treats using natural ingredients is the speciality of this home-based pet business. With a belief that dogs should eat nourishing food made from fresh, healthy produce in order to be well, Treats a La Bark uses only certified organic ingredients and avoids common allergens like wheat, dairy and soy in their baking.

As a dog owner, you know that the unexpected may happen while traveling with your canine companion. Setting up a travel kit is a way to give you peace of mind, say the health conscious treat bakers. If you have an issue, you can be well-prepared and ready to tackle it, before getting back to enjoying your trip with your pet.

The single most important travel item is your dog’s collar, say Treats a La Bark. Not just any old collar, but one that is clearly marked with your phone number in case your dog wanders off or gets lost during your adventure.

My Dachshund Online, Portable Bowl

With a love for the breed, My Dachshund Online has absolutely everything a dachshund owner could ever want for their pet. They also carry plenty of supplies for other types of dogs, always focussing on offering great products from local businesses.

Beyond the fuss you’ll save by having a travel kit at hand when travelling with a dog, the Dachshund specialists also emphasise the cost-effectiveness forethought. Anything you don’t have on hand, you’ll probably have to purchase on the go. Save some money, by having the right food, leads, collars and blankets ready packed.

Their number one tip is to make sure you bring along a portable bowl. This way, you’re always ready to give your dog food or water no matter where you are.

Pethaus, First Aid Kit

Dogs look good in denim, which is why Pethaus started the world’s first denim label for dogs. They make denim jackets as well as raglan dog tees, hoodies, and other items that are perfect for pups with serious attitude.

If you’re on the go, chances are your pet is too. Pethaus suggests having a couple travel kits in place for different environments, such as an urban park pack or an outdoor gear kit. This makes bringing your best friend along with you a breeze.

Wherever you’re headed, don’t forget your first aid kit for dogs. In Australia, we learn to live with quite a few biting bugs and other critters. This can be a serious issue with all dogs, as they are naturally curious.

Pet Pacific, Personalised Items

One of the most long-standing pet distributors in Australia, Pet Pacific distributes high-quality products for everyone in the family from dogs to pet snakes.

With a commitment to sustainable, grass-roots companies, Pet Pacific only works with independent pet outlets, ensuring that pet owners have access to great gear and supplies from trusted, knowledgeable vendors.

As you know, pets have many needs, from water dishes and treats to grooming supplies and leads. Pet Pacific stresses you should first take care of the basics – a good lead or harness, a water dish, poop bags, a vehicle restraint – but you also should consider keeping items that your pet may benefit from.

You know your dog well. Do they get nervous when travelling? Consider a pheromone releasing dog collar. Is your dog still a pup? Piddle pads may be a must in your dog’s travel kit.

Big Dog Pet Foods, Cooler

This Australian, family-owned company manufactures and supplies all-natural food products to pet owners who want their dog (or cat) to benefit from a high-quality RAW food diet. Products are frozen to preserve freshness and then shipped Australia-wide or overseas.

Being away from home and the disruption to routine isn’t exactly relaxing for a creature of habit. The fresh food experts recommend including a cooler in your dog travel kit to keep food fresh and water cool during longer trips. This is especially important during the hot summer months when dogs can become especially distressed.

Travelling is one of the joys of life, and it’s even more fun when enjoyed with your furry family members. Take some of the stress out of travelling with a dog, by having your travel kit packed and ready to go. Then there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your time together!