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Ideal Pet Products and Tips for a Clean Home

We all love our pets dearly, but they can still test your patience when they’ve chewed your favourite designer shoes or trodden mud on your new carpet. Pets, especially when at their cutest during the puppy and kitten stage, have a tendency to wreak havoc on home interiors.

So you can learn how to get rid of dog smell and how to stop your cat scratching furniture, we asked leading experts in the home and lifestyle industry for their top tips and ideal pet products to help protect your belongings and home from your pets.


Keep Bad Smells at Bay, Lumira

Lumira is the creation of Almira Armstrong who founded the luxury fragrance and candle brand in 2013. She fell in love with fragrance at a young age and was crafting candles at home until she decided to combine the two passions to make it her full-time pursuit.

The label is known for providing exquisite candles infused with essential oils to create ambiance, engage your imagination and soothe the soul with beautiful scents.

Pets are great, but their scents usually aren’t, says Armstrong. Kitty litter, dog hair, and other unpleasant aromas wafting through the air are not fun. If you want to know how to get rid of dog smell, take extra care to keep your home as clean as possible if you have indoor animals. Extra vacuuming, mopping, and laundering are all part of being a pet owner.

You can also layer a subtle, cleansing scent on top of existing animal scents – although don’t overcompensate with strong fragrances, she warns. Keep a candle burning close to where ever the bad odour originates, whether that’s near the kitty litter or pet bed, but always remember to keep it out of reach to avoid accidents.

To help combat the animal odour and to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, Armstrong says a citrus-based is always a good option, as opposed to anything musky or woody. The Lumira Sicilian Citrus or Tropical Gardenia candles are surprisingly ideal pet products for owners. Keep your windows ajar to circulate the fragrance along with some fresh air so your home will smell amazing.

Leave Muddy Paws at the Door, TidyMe

TidyMe is making life easier for busy households across Australia. Founded in 2014, this tech platform connects fully verified, reliable cleaning professionals with Australian homes that could use some tender cleaning care. TidyMe is making some very clean waves in the industry; they only use eco-friendly products as part of their service.

TidyMe has some excellent advice for a tidy lifestyle with pets. In their extensive experience, the biggest problem with homes that have animals wandering about are the resulting dirty floors and carpets.

To keep your flooring in great condition and sparkling clean, they recommend using a squeegee for carpets and an electrostatic mop on floors as vacuums can blow fur around rather than cleaning it up.

To prevent stains in the first place they say a good idea is to keep your pets' paws as clean as possible. To do this keep a shallow bowl of water and towel by the entrance. Simply rinse each paw and pat dry after a walk outdoors – especially on muddy, rainy days!

Protect Your Garden, Fairy Gardening Australia

The largest fairy garden retailer in all of Australia, Fairy Gardening Australia is in the business of ensuring that children across the country have access to enchanted worlds and ethereal kingdoms – direct in their backyard.

They carry beautiful fairy houses, themed garden accessories, garden ornaments and flower fairies for the little ones and the young at heart to harness their imaginations and craft fantastic fairy gardens.

Keeping pets out of the garden can be a challenge, say Fairy Gardening Australia. Dogs especially seem to have trouble resisting the lure of the fairy kingdom. Whether you want to keep your flower fairies and elf bridges intact, or simply keep your parsley and mint safe, put any valued plants and ornaments in pots or hanging baskets where curious animals are unable to access.

Experts in garden design, Fairy Gardening Australia encourages you to get creative, ‘bird cages look amazing and terrariums are perfect for indoors and limited space.’

If you have your heart set on gnomes, try dab of Vicks Vapour Rub on the ornaments for a non-toxic trick to ward off curious pets. Planting plenty of lavender and lemon thyme around your precious herbs and vegetables will keep them safe from cats who detest these herbs.

Keeping Your Home and Furniture Fur Free, Uber Clean House

Melbourne-based Uber Clean House has found a niche in today’s sharing economy. They provide traditional house cleaning and linen services for both short-term accommodation options and residential properties.

This means they’re often the first to the scene if guests (and their pets) have left a property in a less than desirable state. Depending on your needs you can choose from three levels of cleanliness: Neat & Tidy, Squeaky Clean and Impeccable.

Experts in keeping homes spotless, Uber Clean House has some simple tips for maintaining a tidy space, even with a menagerie of pets. No one wants to walk out the door looking like you’re wearing your furry friend’s coat.

Stop those pesky hairs from shedding in your house in the first place by brushing your furry friend’s coat a few times a week outdoors, say the cleaning professionals. If you’re in the market for a new pup, go for a breed that doesn’t shed a lot like a Labradoodle or Bichon Frises.

However, no matter what kind of pet you have (unless we’re talking goldfish) there will still be some animal hair and dander. Uber Clean House say that the best way to combat this is to invest in a powerful vacuum and make sure you use the upholstery tool when vacuuming to suction hairs off sofas and curtains.

If there’s an area you really want to keep sacred, your bed for example, the only true way to keep it mess free is to restrict access to your fur baby.

Protect Your Floors, Clipper World

Clipper World supplies Australia with a huge range of clippers and other animal grooming products as well as acting as a trusted animal grooming guide. Clipper World can also help you answer questions about their ideal pet products, give advice and generally ensure you enjoy your well-groomed, healthy pets.

There are many solutions to help keep the home clean with a furry friend around. One important tip is to use specially formulated cleaning products, say Clipper World. Your everyday all-purpose spray isn’t going to do the job.

This is especially true when cleaning up those inevitable messes that your pet may sometimes deposit around the home and garden. Urine Free Stain & Odour Remover was designed especially for pet owners to get rid of those very unsightly stains. There’s a formula for both indoors and outside and it’s safe to use on most surfaces, including synthetic grass.

Polished hardwood floors are a precious design element and so it’s understandable that you want to keep them in pristine condition. If you want to know how to stop cats or dogs scratching furniture and the floor, the solution is simple says Clipper World – keep your pets nails well-trimmed.

However, if this isn’t going to work for your pet they recommend Soft Claws as an ideal pet product. These are simple vinyl nail caps that you can safely glue onto your pet’s claws to prevent damage. Designed by a veterinarian, they are easy to apply and won’t bother your pet.

Stop Dogs and Cats from Chewing and Scratching, Pets on the Park

The pet-loving company, Pets on the Park, offers an extensive range of ideal pet products from their online store. They stock innovative products for every sized pet from horses to lorikeets, with a particular focus on cat and dog ranges. Pets on the Park appreciate better than anyone that it’s hard to keep homes looking and smelling fabulous and when we have an extended family of pets it’s made even harder.

Their top advice on how to stop your cat scratching furniture is to ensure your pet is adequately entertained. If you don’t want them to scratch your brand new lounge you’ll need to introduce either a scratching pole or an entertainment piece of furniture for cats with balls and toys dangling to and fro. This should help keep your curtains and lounge in pristine condition.

To stop dogs chewing everything from outdoor furniture to your designer heels, Pets on the Park recommend using the anti-chewing spray, EQyss McNasty. The owner of Pets on the Park has first-hand experience using the natural product, saying their puppies no longer go near the dining rooms chairs, which were previously a chew-toy of choice. Simply re-apply in a couple of weeks if the interest comes back.

Wash the Sheets and Do the Dishes, Absolute Domestics

Absolute Domestics is a professional cleaning service operating across Australia. Beyond regular cleaning services, they also offer once-off deep cleans, which are a great way to remove the lingering hair and grime caused by living with pets.

Absolute Domestics encourages pet-owners to talk directly to their cleaner ‘about the best ways to work together so that pet mess is a thing of the past’.Just as you regularly wash your sheets, doggie and cat beds need to be frequently tended to in order to stop the smell permeating your house.

This is easily done, say the cleaning experts, with a lint brush to brush the hair into a pile that can be scooped up and disposed of. ‘Wash beds and mats regularly in the washing machine or scrub thoroughly and hose off.

Absolute Domestics also recommend cleaning and sanitising food bowls and spill mats every other day. Doing so in the laundry sink prevents cross contamination with your own dishes; make sure you wipe them dry with paper towels rather than a cloth. Another option is to place them in the dishwasher on a hot cycle.

It may take a little extra effort to keep your home clean and to protect your possessions, but as any pet owner will tell you, the effort is worth it. Our furry friends give us plenty of love and companionship; they deserve a clean home to come home to.

You’ve pet-proofed you home, now it’s time to help protect your pet. Compare pet insurance to find the right solution for you.