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Choosing Healthy Pet Treats Made Easy

If there's a hotly debated topic in regards to pets, it's the question of how to healthily treat your four-legged best friend. It's a complex question. You’ll need to factor in age, allergies, whether they're over or under weight and if they have any health conditions. That's a lot to think about. Luckily, as we begin to focus more and more on what we feed our pets, there’s a plethora of healthy and delicious options available on the market.

Find the best guilt-free treat for your pet with this list of some of the tastiest pet snacks around, as nominated by Australia’s leading pet suppliers. You’re in for a treat!

Woofing Wonders

Woofing Wonders takes providing for your pet’s health seriously. They say that these days ‘increasing numbers of dogs are coming to us suffering from ailments like allergies, skin problems, and dietary issues.’ To counter this influx, they teamed up with Dog Nutritionist Jilly Pleiter to create their line of home-made treats, using only human-grade ingredients. Because the company believes that pets deserve the same high-quality foodstuffs you enjoy, they’re even willing to tailor their treats to your pooch’s specific nutritional requirements.

Top Treat: Kangaroo Chunks

The primary ingredient of this popular treat is, of course, kangaroo meat which is an easy protein for your pooch to digest. However, with flavours including chicken, beef and sardine, the tastes of the fussiest eater are guaranteed to be met. Woofing Wonders blend herbs and vegetables, like kale, turmeric, olive oil and buckwheat, into their treats, to help support healthy digestion.


WAG is an Australian company with a modus operandi of educating owners on looking after their pet’s health with good measures of love, trust and fun. Part of this is providing treats that keep animals healthy as well as happy. In order for your pup to thrive, they feature products that are made from single ingredients and free of grains.

Top Treat: Deer Antlers

Antlers are similar to bone, in that they are filled with the tasty and nutritious marrow that appeals to dogs. The unusual chew toy also has the added bonus of keeping their teeth healthy by breaking down plaque. Choose split or whole varieties depending on how accessible you want the marrow to be. They are available in a range of sizes fit for every pooch, from Chihuahua to Great Dane. And don’t worry, deer naturally shed their antlers each year, making this an Earth-friendly option as well.

Bruce's Healthy Dog Treats

The meat-based treats of this health-conscious pet company provide your dog with a delicious morsel that’s as close as possible to what they would find in the wild. Founder Bruce Dwyer sources his products from a local Australian manufacturer to ensure that pups are getting the very best quality meat available.

Top Treat: Roo Tendons

An all-Australian snack if ever there was one, the company’s most popular chewy treat is made up of dried kangaroo tendons. Described by Dwyer as a ‘triple threat’, the small sticks are organic, low fat and long lasting. He says, ‘There is something incredibly primal about a dog getting closer to the kind of things they would catch and eat in the wild’. The chewy tendons also do great things for your dog’s chomps, helping strengthen their jaws and floss their teeth.

Net to Pet

Balancing a busy life with being a responsible pet owner can be tricky. No one understands this better than Net to Pet, who deliver premium pet supplies at reasonable prices straight to your door. They’ve made high-quality dog foods and accessories available to regular Australian families for nearly twenty years.

Top Treat: Kong Classic Goodie Bone

A dog and their bone is an age-old image of happiness and for good reason. This is why Net to Pet recommends the Kong Classic Goodie Bone as a great way to distribute treats and keep your fur baby occupied. The rubber chew bone is hollow, so you can fill it with your puppy's favourite kibble. By lining it with honey or peanut butter your pup has to work even harder to get to their reward. For avid chewers, the company also suggests blocking each end and freezing it, for an entertaining game that can last hours.

Zoe’s Doggy Treats

The founding philosophy of this company is to offer a healthy alternative to the artificial pet food options commonly available. The husband and wife team distribute their range of sustainable, locally sourced products across Australia, offering a boost to your pup’s health. They believe good nutrition is vital to reduce uncomfortable symptoms of poor health like allergies, skin irritation, digestive issues and lack of vitality. The home-made treats are free of salt and preservatives and delicious, proving healthy can be tasty!

Top Treat: Chicken Supreme

The top seller at Zoe’s is the Chicken Supreme, strips of organic, free-range chicken breast that your pup is sure to love. Each strip is air-dried, locking in the nutrients and flavour for a guilt-free chewy morsel to be enjoyed as a reward for good behaviour, or just because they deserve it. You can feel good about feeding your pet a snack that is free from hormones, preservatives and added salt.


While travelling through the United States, Peter Nobbs came across an ingenious toy that reduces boredom in your dog while you’re at work. It brought back childhood memories of leaving Cassey, his Golden Retriever, at home at the start of each school day. If your usually well-behaved pet decides to dig holes, chew furniture or generally enjoy making a mess while you’re away, then the Foobler, a self-reloading puzzle feeder, could be for you.

Top Treat: Foobler

Working on the notion that dogs prefer to hunt for their food, the Foobler helps to keep them active and entertained. It’s perfect for those who need to leave their dogs at home alone during the day, says Nobbs. Simply fill and program the ball-like toy at the start of your day and the Foobler will dispense your choice of treats while keeping your dog interested and engaged. Fill it with your dog’s favourite choice of kibble.

Huds and Toke

When you want a high-quality treat with a bit of ‘wow’ factor, Huds and Toke has exactly what you need. These treats could easily be mistaken as fit for humans! From little bites that are ideal for training to muffins with frosting (actually made from lamb), you’re spoiled for choice with innovative ways to spoil your furry friend. What’s more you won’t be compromising their health, each treat is 100% Australian made, with no added sugar or preservatives.

Top Treat: Puppy Party Pack

Every dog has its day, so on your pup’s birthday why not gather your favourite pet pals over to demolish the Puppy Party Pack? Including a delicious birthday cake, muffins and donuts, it’s a festive feast fit for your favourite four-legged friends, not to mention a unique photo op to share on social media. As the pet experts at Huds and Toke say, ‘life is supposed to be fun!’

Treat your pet right with a nutritious and delicious snack. Whether you’re on the hunt for a bag of training bites or want to cater for a full-blown pup party, these high-quality treats from Australia’s innovative pet suppliers are perfect for spoiling your four-legged best friend.

Treating your pet is fun, but protecting your furry friend with the right pet insurance is just as important. Secure your pet’s bright, healthy future today.