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Boredom Busters for Dogs with Working Parents

Many dog owners will be familiar with the sad look and the classic hangdog face when their best friend realises that they can’t accompany them to work.

As a valued member of your family, you may already help to look after their health and wellness with pet insurance, but how can you keep your dog entertained and interested for the hours that you spend at work?

We’ve rounded up some leading experts in the pet industry to offer innovative boredom busters for dogs, so you can head to work guilt free.

Happy House Sitters

One of Australia’s premier house and pet sitting service, Happy House Sitters introduces sitters to dog owners who are going on holiday or leaving their pets for an extended period of time.

During their extensive experience pet sitting, they’ve learnt a few tips and tricks to prevent dogs from becoming bored and displaying anti-social behaviours such as barking.

Boredom buster for dogs: The company recommends using home alone dog toys such as a food maze to keep your dog both entertained and nourished while you are away.

‘This is an ingenious toy where the plastic bowl is moulded in the shape of a maze with peaks, troughs and crevices,’ explains Happy House Sitters. Your dog has to work out how to obtain the food, helping to banish the boredom. You could try using dry food, chicken snacks or liver treats.

Pawshake Australia

An online platform created to bring dog owners and pet sitters together, Pawshake Australia offers a range of services for dog owners. Pet sitting while you’re at work could help keep your dog entertained, even if it’s just for one day a week.

Boredom buster for dogs: If pet sitting isn’t an option for you, Pawshake has a cheap and easy solution to keeping your pet entertained. Add your dog’s favourite treat into an ice cream container, fill it with water and freeze it overnight.

Just before you leave, place the ice mix on the lawn to melt. This self-made home alone dog toy could help keep your dog both entertained and hydrated as they lick the ice to get to their food!

Sasha & Me

Pet bed, blanket and apparel manufacturer Sasha & Me provide comfortable and eco-friendly products, designed with both your pet and the environment in mind. Ensuring your pet is comfortable while you’re at work may help to appease the guilt leaving them behind can induce.

Boredom buster for dogs: Sasha & Me makes the point that what you do when you’re at home is also key to keeping your dog entertained while you’re away.

‘Exercise is one of the biggest things you can do to keep your pet happier through the day when you’re at work,’ says the pet supplies company. A 20-minute walk should be sufficient for most breeds prior to leaving for the day, although bigger breeds may need longer. As a bonus your fitness could improve too! 

A business that matches pet owners with pet sitters, washers and walkers, is aware of the need to entertain and occupy dogs at home while their parents are at work.

A dog sitter means that while you are on longer holidays you may not suffer the same level of guilt about keeping your dog in a restrictive kennel – they can have the freedom to roam in a home instead.

Boredom buster for dogs: also provides washing and walking services for working pet parents, who simply need a helping hand. If you have a garden, they recommend an automated ball dispenser. This innovative home alone dog toy launches the ball for your dog to chase when you aren’t there to play fetch.

This is the latest craze, says the company, with products such as iFetch throwing balls that your trained dog can return to the dispenser. Hours of fun for your best friend!

Miyow & Barkley

One of Australia’s leading designers for dogs, Miyow & Barkley provide more than just the finest in dog clothing. They also sell home alone dog toys designed to keep your pet entertained for hours on end. As well as emphasising the importance of exercising your dog before you leave for work, the company also recommends puzzle toys to keep your loyal friend entertained.

Boredom buster for dogs: For toys that could keep your pup entertained for hours try the Little Tearror Bone Toy. The interactive dog toy is designed to tear apart with the addition of a crackling noise when shaken and two squeaky balls for added stimulation.

Working from the same philosophy, the Little Rippa Ball Toy can also be ripped apart by your pet and reassembled.

Amaroo Pet

Queensland-based distributors of online pet goods, Amaroo Pet, suggests that if you have a problem with your dog destroying things while you’re out, it may be a case of boredom. The store offers 3,000 items, delivered Australia-wide, that can help you alleviate such symptoms of boredom in your dog.

Boredom buster for dogs: The pet supplies distributor says that with a little thought, planning and patience these antisocial behaviours can be overcome. Regular exercise not only wears your pet out, but it also offers them a much needed change of scenery.

Together with the rotation of toys means your dog has new things in their life to keep them entertained. Rotating toys means giving your dog access to some toys only when you’re not there and changing them up daily.


Creators of innovative pet products with safety in mind, the DOGlite harnesses, collars, pendants and leashes all contain LED lighting for increased awareness, safety and a sense of fun. They are particularly handy for after-dinner walks when lighting may be low.

Boredom buster for dogs: ‘The stress put on your dog when they watch you leaving for the day, can only be matched by the pure joy they have knowing that no matter what time you walk back through that door, you two are going to get out there and have some fun,’ says DOGlite.

The company emphasises the value of exercising your dog before you leave home and when you return. This helps tire your dog and also gives them a treat to look forward to when you return from a day’s work.


PetsDepartment scours the world to find — and make available — the best pet toys and supplies. They specialise in catering for small animals, including dogs and cats.

They recommend an interactive environment for your dog when it is left alone, saying this can be as simple as providing a small space outside for them to run around. However, make sure there is plenty of water and shade to take refuge from the sun.

Boredom buster for dogs: Treat balls are an excellent way to keep your dog entertained say PetsDepartment. This is a trend that is catching on in Australia, with such interactive dog toys from Petface being among their best-sellers.

They’re not only fun but could be beneficial for your dog’s dental hygiene as well. The balls have dental dimples which your dog chews on in their quest to find their treat.


Small pet specialists, Minipet are committed to providing some of the finest accessories for small pets. Their eco-friendly product range is designed to keep your pet life ‘comfortable, happy, healthy and fun!’ The company has a number of suggestions for engaging your dog while you're away.

Boredom buster for dogs: It is important to provide an enriching environment for your dog, advises the company. Beyond interactive dog toys, this means ensuring their primary needs are tended to with adequate water and comfortable bedding.

‘A soft bed is familiar territory for your pet; feeling snug and safe, they will be more relaxed and less likely to suffer from anxiety,’ says Minipet.

Exercise and creating a stimulating environment for your dog while you are away, could help reduce the antisocial behaviours associated with boredom in dogs. While this won’t make the day go quicker for your pet, it could help take the edge off the loneliness they experience while fending for themselves.

Try our boredom buster tips for dogs to help keep them active, energised and happy!