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We are committed to supporting your Australian journey, every step of the way.

Being an international student or overseas visitor in Australia can be challenging so let's talk about life here and come together as a community to support each other. Check out our monthly features written by this community designed to help you along the way.


An international student’s guide to making connections

If a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that connecting with people is more important than ever.


5 key resume tips for international students

Looking for a job in between study? Just graduated and keen to get your career started? Whatever stage you’re at in your working life, you’ll have a better chance of grabbing an employer’s attention with a resume that shows off your education, experiences and skills.

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Health and Wellbeing


Harnessing my ADHD superpower

With the right treatment and management, Metz is happier, healthier and is not just reaching her goals, but achieving things she never imagined possible.

Quit alcohol

Giving up alcohol for a month: is it worth it?

On the face of it, giving up alcohol for a month seems like a healthy choice. But does embarking on a stint of ‘binge sobriety’ result in long-term health benefits?


Keeping your stress in check at exam time

While you might think you’re the only one getting stressed, you’re not alone. We asked our International Student community for their top tips on managing exam stress.

Shy Ganglani 

by Shy Ganglani


What to do if you get sick in Australia? - Overseas visitors

What to do if you get sick in Australia? - Overseas students

Health and wellness tips

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Skills for Employment


Common post-graduation paths for international students

What’s next?” is the most common asked question after graduation. Most international students, however, may have a more specific question in mind - “what’s the next visa?”.

David Rayfield 

by Arvin Navarro

On-campus Consultant at Bupa

graduating students taking selfie


Job hunting? Here's our 6 tips

Standing out in a crowd of job hunters is a daunting prospect. But with some simple reframing it's possible to boost your employability and confidence.


Land the job you want

Is this your last year studying? There’s no better time to start planning you next move for after you graduate.

Trudie McConnochie 

by Trudie McConnochie


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Life in Australia


How to celebrate diversity in Australia

There are lots of ways to celebrate diversity here down under. From the proud LGBTQI community to Aboriginal culture to the various migrant communities, there are so many opportunities to embrace diversity.

Julie Ma 

by Shy Ganglani


Well being

Visiting a dentist in Australia

Whether you’re looking for a simple clean and check-up, or a sudden toothache has arisen, there a few simple tips to know when seeing a dentist in Australia.


Extra help when you need it

Victor Olet knows health and wellbeing can’t come second to a strict student budget. Here's his story about how Extras cover helped him access the treatment he needed.

International Happiness Day

Inspiration for the weekend

Explaining the Australian Healthcare System

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