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A Guide to Making the Modern Man Cave

Every man needs a cave. We’re not talking about a dank, dusty chasm in the side of a mountain; the modern man cave is equipped with the latest high-tech gear and fine furnishings. It’s the perfect place for men to find the solitude they need to regroup recharge or hang with the boys.

But the essence of a man cave goes beyond mere decoration. To help unpack the strict etiquette that underpins masculine things to eat, talk, wear and do, we’ve enlisted the help of Australia’s premier man-brands to help you create a testosterone-charged environment where you can feel at home.

EAT: Barbecue

BlueTongue BBQs

Who they are: BlueTongue BBQs was born when the charcoal-loving entrepreneurs behind the company couldn’t find a replacement for their ancient, well-worn barbecue. With a list of criteria that included quality stainless steel construction, a rotisserie and a cover, as well as a reasonable price tag, they were shocked at the lack of options available, so they made their own and BlueTongue was born.

Create the cave: To create a true resort for blokes, BlueTongue advises that your space needs to include the capacity to practice the ultimate man hobby: grilling. Sort yourself an outdoor area or serious vent and go get yourself BlueTongue BBQs’ flagship model, the CG-KSRX8. No fancy names needed, its extensive chrome shell contains absolutely everything the true-blue bloke could dream of in an outdoor kitchen. Beyond its cooking capacity, it also includes a fridge and a sink.


Who they are: As well as being family owned and operated, Firebrand Australia is the country’s leading charcoal wholesaler, supplier and retailer. Specialising in manufacturing its own signature Briquette Charcoal and Premium Natural Hardwood Charcoal, the brand has built its reputation on the back of a consistent top-quality product. With a fire in their belly for well… fire, it’s unsurprising that they’ve now also launched a range of barbecue grills and accessories to complement their charcoal line.

Create the cave: Joining the barbecue bandwagon, Firebrand emphasises just how crucial the capacity to sear some steaks is to a man cave. You’ll need to stock a spare few boxes of their 3kg 'Picnic Pack' Charcoal, because a true man cave should never run out of fuel.

TALK: Sports

Licensed Sports Memorabilia

Who they are: A world-class supplier of officially licensed and endorsed memorabilia. As a part of Australia’s leading group of souvenir companies, they stand apart from the crowd in terms of originality with the biggest range of products available in the country for all their sports-savvy fans.

Create the cave: According to Licensed Sports Memorabilia, you’re aiming to create “an environment that generates long discussions and debates with mates”. A great starting point is an authentic piece of memorabilia such as the Bart Cummings Legend of the Track, a framed tribute to Australia’s greatest ever horse-racing trainer and 13-time Melbourne Cup winner. Any talking-point you choose should be authentic to you and your cave, in order to fuel visitor’s aspirations whenever they spy it on the wall.

Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia

Who they are: One of the Australia’s first kitesurfing schools and shops, Adventure Sports Kitesurf is located in beautiful Noosa, where the staff and customers are lucky enough to enjoy pristine beaches and high-calibre kitesurfing conditions almost all year around. The instructors are experienced and passionate about all the sports they offer, especially kitesurfing and stand-up paddle boarding, better known as SUP.

Create the cave: Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia believes a man cave should be full of sports toys in order for it to be “the ultimate expression of what it means to be a man”. However, if they had to choose one thing to furnish it with they would go for a kite, surf or SUP board. They recommend purchasing a display rack too, that way anyone who is granted entrance can note how it’s covered in sand and wax from endless hours of use. You’ll just have to share your latest surf story.

DO: Biking

Mountain Bikes Direct

Who they are: Owned and operated by people who love to ride, Mountain Bikes Direct is the place to go for everything dirt. The company makes it possible for Australian mountain bikers to buy from a local retailer at globally competitive prices. It also ships a wide range of popular brands across the country, and all orders placed before 2pm are dispatched the same day, so you can get cracking on your man cave right away.

Create the cave: Everyone should own at least one bike, ideally more, or so says Mountain Bikes Direct. Your man cave is the perfect space to “admire your bikes, talk about bikes and work on bikes!” You’ll need a selection of workshop-grade bike tools to do this. The Park Tool EK-2 includes 45 of the best bike tools on the planet, contained in a compact hard case that lets you easily access your workbench and quickly pack it all up to take out to the trails or a race. Now all you’re missing is a couple of mates and a few bikes to tune up, and you’ve got yourself a perfect Sunday!


Who they are: Dillenger caters for bikers who’d rather have the hard work done for them, thanks to the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology. Whether you want the most reliable on-road bike to get you up some steep hills or are looking for a fun off-road activity, Dillenger has the bike for you. Already got a bike you love? Check out their range of conversion kits for a perfect project to undertake in your man cave.

Create the cave: “The perfect man cave would no doubt contain the perfect man-toys!” enthuses Dillenger. Make your mates jealous with the stylish lines of the off-road Hunter electric bike. Mount it on the wall of your cave and it doubles as some pretty rad decoration.

WEAR: Facial hair

Guys Grooming

Who they are: With flat-screen TVs playing non-stop sport and music, twelve cutting chairs, seven treatment rooms and a male-centric chill-out space, it’s no wonder Guys Grooming has won tons of awards for its unique spa experience. This high-end barber shop is pretty much a man cave itself, so who better to ask than its owners for tips on what to stock in yours?

Create the cave: “Clarity is critical”, according to Guys Grooming, so before all else they recommend securing a “No-Entry Ladies” sign. Jokes aside, their ideal man cave contains tools that both boost masculinity and look impressive. They suggest you achieve this with the super-sleek Ultimate Safety Razor Set from Muhle with its precision German engineering, razor sharp blades and pure badger hair brush. That’s right – the hair of a badger – it doesn’t get much more macho than that.

Shave Rave

Who they are: Shave Rave curates a collection of the best affordable shaving gear, beard oils, haircare and tools from around the globe. This stand-out grooming company’s aim is to take things back to the basics and school those with both an X and a Y chromosome on how to use quality products to create an energy-boosting routine to start their day.

Create the cave: Not surprisingly, Shave Rave are true advocates of the old-school barber shop. A good shave helps set you up to conquer anything that comes your way. It’s also a great way to detach from the stresses of everyday life, as the sharp razor glides methodically over your chin. If you don’t have the means or space to install a barber shop chair in your garage, the guys at Shave Rave recommend a Muhle R41 Grande instead. “It’s one of the most beautiful razors ever made”, they say. “By the end of the shave, I feel like I can conquer anything that comes my way.”

Whether you’re looking to deck out a bachelor pad in style or inject some more manliness into your family garage or back deck, remember creating a man cave is more than what adorns the walls. It’s what you eat, talk, do and wear that defines the success of your space.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Find out more about how home insurance can help protect your carefully crafted man cave.