Self care Kate Moloney: What netball has taught me August 13 2019
Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist

Kate Moloney has had a decorated netball career; a 2014 premiership, in 2017 she made her Australian Diamonds debut, and for the past three years she's led, supported and inspired her teammates as Vixen's captain.

By all accounts Kate Moloney is a winner, but she says it’s the times she didn’t win or wasn’t picked for a team that ultimately shaped her success.

“My pathway wasn’t always smooth,” she says. “There were teams I missed out on and I really used that as a driver to make me want to be better and go out and prove everyone wrong.”

“If you can learn and grow from those experiences and use them to become a better person and a better netballer then that’s going to hold you in good stead,” she says.

Moloney says while you can never prepare yourself to lose an important game – the key is to learn how to mentally bounce back.

“It is about learning from both your wins and your losses,” says Moloney. “I know it’s really cliché to say but it’s about really trying to use those losses as a positive and make sure that you are better because of it.”

Vixens netballer Kate Moloney coaching young players

With some big games ahead, the Vixens are preparing physically, but also mentally.

Music is one of the tools the Vixen’s uses to prepare the mind and body for a big game. The girls have put together a carefully curated playlist, which they say boosts energy, motivation and performance, while acting as a push factor against the feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

“Before our court sessions, we have the music playing in the background, to get everyone in the mood to really work hard,” says Moloney.

Find out more about the Vixen's playlist here.

“The biggest thing for me heading into a big game is making sure I’ve done the work through the week; the nutrition, the sleep, the physical training so when you get to game day that just gives you a whole lot of confidence knowing you’ve done everything you can and you just have to go out there onto the court and play your role,” she says.

Moloney says the resilience she’s learned on the court, has helped her off court too.

“It’s about learning that not everything goes your own way and there are things you can’t control,” she says. “You need to be able to adapt on the spot and really learn from those tough times and use them as a positive for you.”

“When I talk to young kids I always encourage them to play sport because it teaches you a lot about yourself,” says Moloney. “I love the team aspect, working with a group of people, it teaches you how to be a good winner and a good loser.”

“The resilience you can gain from playing sport and, in particular team sport, is really invaluable.”

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