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Sam Wood phone Workouts Sam's stress relief workout It's the end of a long day, and a workout feels like... hard work. But even if it’s just five minutes of vigorous movement, you’ll get the endorphins pumping! Sam Wood Sam Wood's smiling face Personal trainer and leading expert in the health & fitness industry
A woman enters the water carrying her surfboard Workouts Four fun outdoor exercises for spring Shrug off the winter blues and head outdoors with these fun exercise ideas for spring. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
A woman does a push up on a yoga mat in a lounge room Workouts Home exercise program - winter workout Keep your body moving and active this winter with this quick and dynamic at home workout you can do in your lounge room. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
Woman swimming in a local pool Staying motivated with exercise Exercises to do when its hot When temperatures soar, it might be time to look into alternative fitness ideas. Dr Chris Dalton Dr Chris Dalton National Medical Doctor
A woman in exercise clothes stepping up onto a park bench Workouts The 'Park Bench' workout Finding ways to fit a gym visit into our busy lives can be a constant challenge. But with a little know-how and motivation you can turn almost any space into a workout zone. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
A girl slides down a backyard slide on her tummy Workouts The backyard obstacle course Bored by your regular exercise routine? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and try this backyard obstacle course with the whole family. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
A woman lifts a kettle bell Workouts Working out with kids – Kettle bell workout Getting to the gym can be a little bit hard sometimes because life and family commitments can get in the way. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
A woman planking Workouts Home exercise program - circuit session Personal trainer Natasha Dinneen shares a workout designed to eliminate excuses. Natasha Dinneen Natasha Dinneen
A woman laces her running shoes in the lounge room Workouts The super quick work out you can do in front of the TV Are you struggling to fit exercise in to your busy routine? Here is a super quick workout you can do in front of the TV during the ad breaks. Carly Jacobs Author Carly Jacobs Blogger
A person running outdoors Workouts Training outdoors: an autumn challenge Do you generally gravitate to the controlled environment of the gym to do your exercise? Jason Ibrahim Jason Ibrahim Wellness Health & Lifestyle Coach
runners competing on a city street in the rain Running Five great running holidays If you love to run and need a holiday why not combine the two? A ‘runcation’ is a great way to explore the world while keeping fit. Chris Pavey Chris Pavey Writer
Two people using an outdoor gym Workouts How to make your workout work harder If your weight loss or fitness levels have plateaued, it may be time to ramp up your exercise routine a little. Here are some tips to help. Charmaine Yabsley Charmaine_Yabsley Health Writer
Two people at the gym lifting kettlebells of the ground Workouts Kettlebells: adding extra weight to your workout Could kettlebells – they look like a cannonball with an iron hoop attached – be the answer to ramping up your workout? Charmaine Yabsley Charmaine_Yabsley Health Writer
A woman stretches her arms Workouts Keeping fit while travelling It can be hard to keep active when you’re at home, let alone while you’re away. Here you'll find exercise tips to help keep you active when travelling - plus a fitness instructor's 20 minute travel workout. Katie Brown Author Katie Brown Journalist
Cleaning the living room with a vacuum workout - kid lifting feet above the vacuum passing Staying motivated with exercise How to turn cleaning into a workout in 4 easy steps Cleaning doesn't have to be dull and boring. In fact, cleaning can be a really great work out if you follow these four easy steps. Burning calories while you clean the house? Win win! Julia Richardson Julia Richardson Blogger
Runners wrapped in a blanket celebrate at the end of a race Workouts Six fun fitness events There's a surge in popularity for fitness events where the emphasis is on experience rather than finishing times. Penny Giudice Penny Giudice
A group of women at a workout class Workouts How to choose an exercise buddy The right exercise buddy can help you stick with your fitness routine as well as share challenges and triumphs, so it pays to choose them wisely. Here are some tips to help you find a good training partner. Kate Southam Kate Southam Journalist
Two women working out at the gym Workouts Could a personal trainer be the answer? Having trouble exercising due to a lack of motivation? Having someone to inspire you is just one of the benefits of a personal trainer. Matt Allison Matt Allison Writer