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Benefits of exercise Live longer, move more Health information can be confusing, complex and at times seem contradictory, but what if you could step towards a longer, healthier life just by moving more? Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
two people cycling together Benefits of exercise 6 surprising benefits of exercise It’s no secret exercise is good for us, but did you know working up a sweat may also boost your brain power, spice up your sex life and help you live longer? Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
A woman hula hooping many hoops Fun fitness activities Could hula hooping be the new boot camp? There can be many benefits of hula hooping, from just having fun to improving fitness. One woman discusses how hula hooping has turned her life around. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
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Woman running in New Balance fitness gear Fitness tools Nailing your winter workout wardrobe It might be freezing outside, but once you work up a sweat you’re all of a sudden scrabbling to rip off the layers. So how do you nail the perfect winter workout wardrobe? Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
A man running and looking at his watch Fitness devices Do fitness trackers really work? Many people wear activity trackers to keep track of their every move. But do they really improve your health? Here are some things to keep in mind when using fitness trackers. Karen Fittall Karen Fittall Journalist
A man riding his bike downhill Fitness apps Our top five cycling apps As the popularity of cycling grows, so do the cycling apps tracking many aspects of your ride. They can track your heart rate, your route, compare you to your competitors and best of all, many of them are free! Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
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Cycling down the open road Cycling Nutrition advice for long distance cycling When taking part in long distance cycling, what you eat and drink can play an important role in your performance. Nick Green Nick Green Dietitian
Staying motivated with exercise The health benefits of tennis Tennis is often referred to as the sport of a life time. Not only because it can be played at virtually any age or ability, but because it serves up a variety of health benefits that researchers suggest may help you live longer. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
Sam Wood phone Workouts Sam's stress relief workout It's the end of a long day, and a workout feels like... hard work. But even if it’s just five minutes of vigorous movement, you’ll get the endorphins pumping! Sam Wood Sam Wood's smiling face Personal trainer and leading expert in the health & fitness industry
A woman taking a break from running, standing looking out at some mountains Prevention Jess Trengove: tips to prevent an injury Months out from the Rio Olympics, marathon runner Jessica Trengove was faced with an unexpected obstacle. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist