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Parentingteaser Preparing for a baby Will I parent like my parents? Before having kids, I was set on finding my own parenting path. I’ve never subscribed to the belief that you’re destined to parent like your parents. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
Partner kissing pregnant belly Tips for partners Five things I wish my partner knew when I was pregnant While it’s not always obvious from the outside, growing a human is hard. While pregnancy seems to agree with some people, it can be incredibly challenging for others. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
A baby lying down next to a dog Bringing baby home Introducing your new baby to your dog Your first baby might be hairy, bark at possums and have four legs but when you’re expecting a human baby, how do you break it to your fur child? Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
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Pregnant woman sits with her legs crossed on the floor, her hands resting on her knees Physical change Staying fit with a baby on the way Are you expecting? There are plenty of exercises to do at home when pregnant to keep you physically well during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Trudie McConnochie Trudie McConnochie Writer
Pregnancy FAQs Pregnancy myth busters Is drinking coffee bad during pregnancy? Does eating a hot curry bring on labour? We investigate some pregnancy myths that you can ignore. Jane Dickenson Jane Dickenson Health writer
Physical change Weight management in pregnancy Obesity in pregnancy can have a big impact on both you and your baby. We’ve put together some tips to help you manage your weight in pregnancy. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
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Two women talking, one is sitting on a couch and the other is on the floor IVF What to say (and not to say) to a friend doing IVF While enduring 5 heartbreaking years of IVF, Alice Almeida came to truly appreciate the power of words. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
A couple having an intimate moment Fertility Preparing for Pregnancy Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
Baby in teal jumpsuit lying down on changing table Egg freezing What you need to know about freezing eggs There are a number of reasons why a woman might want to explore freezing her eggs. We spoke to a fertility specialist about the social and medical considerations involved in egg freezing. Jane Dickenson Jane Dickenson Health writer
Women standing in bedroom looking at a crib Miscarriage How to support someone who has lost a baby during pregnancy Sadly, with one in four confirmed pregnancies ending in miscarriage, and one in 120 babies stillborn, you or someone you know has probably gone through the trauma of losing a baby. Caitlin Wright caitlin wright Online editor and writer
A couple sitting on a bench outside Miscarriage How to support your partner if a pregnancy doesn't go to plan Men and women may grieve differently over a miscarriage. Some men may find it difficult to know how to help their partner while working through their own emotions. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
Two women sitting together at sunset Miscarriage How to support a friend if a pregnancy doesn't go to plan It’s hard to know what to say or do to support a friend, family member or colleague who has experienced a miscarriage, but these suggestions may help. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
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mother in a blue hopsital gown holding their sleeping baby Giving birth Induced labour: an overview If you’re past your due date, or there is potential risk to you or your baby, you may be offered an induction of labour. Here is a quick overview. Charmaine Yabsley Charmaine_Yabsley Health Writer
newborn baby in a white blanket and blue beanie sleeping in their parents arms Giving birth Birth trauma: how to handle a traumatic birth experience No matter how well you plan, birth trauma can happen. A traumatic birth experience can result in long-lasting psychological effects. Renee Bertolus Author Renee Bertolus Bupa blogger
A smiling newborn wrapped in a rainbow-striped blanket Giving birth Birthing options We look at some different birthing options to help you think about which one might be right for you. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
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A woman in a bikini holding her pregnant belly Pregnancy symptoms First symptoms of pregnancy Trying to fall pregnant? If you have any of these common pregnancy symptoms it might be time for a pregnancy test! Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger