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Autism spectrum disorder
Autistic Child Talking With Her Therapist Clinical health information Autism spectrum disorder Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name given to a group of lifelong conditions that affect how a person communicates with and relates to other people. Nicole Vanderkroef Nicole Vanderkroef Health content specialist
A young boy playing with dinosaur toys Autism spectrum disorder Embracing disability: from parents who've been there When your child is first diagnosed with a disability, it can be a confusing time. These families share how they've come to embrace the diagnosis and now face the future with excitement and hope. Renee Bertolus Author Renee Bertolus Bupa blogger
Renee with her family Autism spectrum disorder Five facts about autism I want everyone to know Renée Bertolus, is a mother of 10-year-old Poss who has autism and generalised anxiety. Here, she shares what she wishes more people knew about autism. Renee Bertolus Author Renee Bertolus Bupa blogger
Disability support
Julie's son at the beach Disability support Our NDIS plan: what I've learnt about tackling the first meeting Julie Jones, author of “Have Wheelchair Will Travel” has recently entered into the NDIS to gain extra support for her son BJ, who lives with cerebral palsy. Julie shares her experience setting up their NDIS plan and provides some great advice for others needing to do the same. Julie Jones Julie Jones , author Bupa blogger
A man in a wheelchair on a boardwalk Disability support What is the NDIS and who is eligible? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be confusing but it’s also an exciting opportunity for many people to receive support which they previously didn’t have access to. Here we’ll answer your questions: what it the NDIS? Who is eligible for NDIS funding? How do you sign up? Christie Cooper Christie Cooper Journalist
Image of Bupa Therapy Centre reception desk Disability support Introducing Bupa Therapy: giving power to people with disability “It’s time to find ways to be inclusive, and bring disability out into the open.” Bupa Therapy, a new centre for people living with disability, has been designed to help do just that. Christie Cooper Christie Cooper Journalist
Living with a physical disability
Kirsty and her carer Living with a physical disability Kristy's drive to make a difference Kristy Trajcevski opens up about what it’s like to live in her uncooperative body. The 35-year-old with cerebral palsy has played a critical role in designing the new Bupa Therapy centre. Kristy Trajcevski Kristy Trajcevski Law graduate & Disability Advisor
Annette Lade sharing her art at the Bupa Aged Care Traralgon Home Living with a physical disability Finding purpose through art Annette Lade’s life as she knew it was stripped from her in the blink of an eye. But through perseverance and determination she’s learnt to paint beautiful works of art, using only her mouth Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
Young carers
A young couple's wedding photo Young carers Living the line between lover and carer When Jessica Bean’s lover and partner became her carer, it nearly broke her relationship. Jessica Bean Author Jessica Bean Health empowerment coach, blogger and speaker
A young couple on their wedding day Young carers The one thing young carers want you to know Jessica Bean opens up about the incredible selflessness displayed by her lover turned carer, and how hurtful it was when he was told to ‘get a real job.’ Jessica Bean Author Jessica Bean Health empowerment coach, blogger and speaker