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A woman walks through a canola field in bloom Hay fever Hay fever tips to help ease the sneeze Spring has sprung. But if your eyes water at the thought of pollen here’s some tips to help get you through the sneezing season. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist
Cold, flu and cough
A cup of lemon, ginger and water in a hand Cold, flu and cough How to avoid a cold 5 immune boosting tips Everyone wants to know how to avoid a cold or the flu. If we take good care of ourselves through the cooler months we have a better chance of warding off those winter nasties. These 5 immune boosting tips may be just the place to start. Dr Tim Ross Author Dr Tim Ross Former National Medical Director and GP
A sick person lying on the couch Cold, flu and cough Cold or flu? Most of us know what it feels like to have a cold. But would you know if you had the flu? Bupa's Dr Tim Ross explains the difference. Penny Giudice Penny Giudice
Noodle Soup and used tissues Cold, flu and cough Man flu and other cold and flu myths busted Does man flu exist? If you go out with wet hair can you catch a cold? Does the flu vaccine give you the flu? We bust 5 common cold and flu myths. Carol Kilkenny Author Carol Kilkenny Health writer
Pain management
A runner with a bandage around their ankle Persistent pain Pain management before an appointment Experiencing pain can make even simple daily tasks feel difficult. We talk through some pain management techniques to help you control pain. Judith Ngai Judith Ngai Health writer
A person with lower back pain Chronic pain Taking control of chronic pain Long-term, persistent or chronic pain affects about one in five adult Australians, and if left untreated can have severe effects both physically and emotionally. Siobhan Daysh Writer
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Couple sitting outside Clinical health information Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) COPD is the name for a group of conditions that affect your lungs and airways. Learn more about it here. Judith Ngai Judith Ngai Health writer
Morning Blood Sugar Test Clinical health information Diabetes: six steps to healthier eating How choosing the right food can help you manage your diabetes. Judith Ngai Judith Ngai Health writer
infrared thermometer Clinical health information COVID-19: Myths and facts We bust some myths and share some facts around COVID-19. Marianne Kirby Marianne Kirby Writer