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The latest articles Common illness and conditions Morning Blood Sugar Test Clinical health information Diabetes: six steps to healthier eating How choosing the right food can help you manage your diabetes. Judith Ngai Judith Ngai Health writer Medical condition and disease Trades person sitting on ladder with hardhat looking at their phone Mesothelioma cancer (asbestos) Asbestos and cancer You might have heard asbestos is dangerous, but what is it and what health problems can it cause? Jenny Boss Jenny Boss Health Writer Disabilities Autistic Child Talking With Her Therapist Clinical health information Autism spectrum disorder Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name given to a group of lifelong conditions that affect how a person communicates with and relates to other people. Nicole Vanderkroef Nicole Vanderkroef Health content specialist Treatment and surgery A man doing rehab exercises Knee surgery Knee surgery: The reality of rehab Knee surgery is only one part of the journey, rehab requires patience and persistence. The reality of how long it takes to recover can catch people by surprise. Tracy McBeth Tracy McBeth Journalist Mental health Girl looks out window Panic attacks How to manage panic attacks Panic attacks can occur in everyday situations; on public transport, on a plane, in a crowded place, at school, work, university or when meeting new people. Danielle Colley Danielle Colley Blogger
Conditions and treatments Common illness and conditions Disabilities Medical condition and disease Mental health Treatment and surgery
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