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The latest articles Mind and body A woman walking on a trail with her dogs Yoga and meditation How moving mindfulness can improve your mental health Does your overactive mind make it hard to feel calm and present? Moving your body can really help. Angela Tufvesson Angela Tufvesson Journalist Conditions and treatments AntibioticsBody Medication Antibiotics: when do I need them? With about 40% of Australians getting antibiotics each year, chances are we’ve all been on a round at some point. Marianne Kirby Marianne Kirby Writer Family and pregnancy Mother and daughter laughing Healthy relationships How family plays a part in your story Family makes up part of who we are. But sometimes, life’s random twists and turns make it easy to lose family connections – and ultimately, this can mean losing connection with ourselves. Sasha Lynn Author Dr Sasha Lynn Clinical Psychologist Illustration meditation Healthlink Newsletter

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