Age-Based Discounts with Bupa.


At Bupa, we understand that increasing health cover costs can create difficulties for many young Australians.

That's why we're focused on finding ways to keep your premiums as affordable as possible, while continuing to deliver better value.

We believe that the introduction of Age-Based Discounts will help young Aussies get quality hospital cover. We're committed to passing on the full discount that you're entitled to. It could save you as much as 10% on your private health insurance premiums right up until you turn 41.

Age -Based Discounting for young people.

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If you're a single or couple aged between 18-29.

Up to 10%

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You may qualify for an Age-Based Discount between 2% and 10%.

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When you take out Bupa Hospital Cover.

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Age-Based Discounts by Age

Once you've received your Age-Based Discounts, you will retain that discount rate until you turn 41, as long as you hold hospital cover. These discounts will then be gradually phased out when you turn 41.

Age % Discount
18-25 years old 10%
26 years old 8%
27 years old 6%
28 years old 4%
29 years old 2%
30 years old 0%

If you're already insured by another provider, you will be entitled to bring across the discount you currently receive, we'll verify your level of discount once we've received a clearance certificate from your old health insurer – but don't worry, we'll manage this process behind the scenes, so there's no need for you to do a thing.