Update to our members - July 1 2022

Negotiations continue

We are continuing our negotiations with Ramsay Health Care and are hopeful of reaching an agreement soon.

We thank our members for their patience while we continue to negotiate an agreement that helps keeps health insurance affordable for our members, balances the needs of hospitals, and supports the sustainability of the health system.

We continue to work for our members to give them greater choice about their healthcare. We have recently entered into partnerships with other large hospital groups including Cabrini Health in Victoria, and Mater Health in Queensland.

Members remain covered

We want to assure our members that right now, nothing has changed and they remain covered at Ramsay hospitals. If agreement is not reached there are transitional arrangements (see Table 1.0) in place to help minimise impacts to members seeking treatment.

We understand some members might be concerned about the negotiations, especially those in regions where access to a non-Ramsay private hospital is limited. But be assured, our members remain our top priority.

Working for our members

Bupa has agreements with most private hospitals and hospital groups nationally. These agreements provide our members with access to high-quality health care at an affordable price. When we renegotiate an agreement, consideration is given to how price increases will impact on premium adjustments through our annual rate rises. We take great care during negotiations to ensure we balance the needs of the hospital with maintaining affordability for members.

We acknowledge the cost-of-living pressures faced by many of our members and we are working to help keep premiums as low as possible, and we remain committed to maintaining member access to quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Despite our attempts to negotiate a fair agreement for both Ramsay and our customers, Ramsay has notified us that it will terminate our agreement, effective 2 August 2022.

We continue to negotiate  with Ramsay and hope that fair and reasonable new terms are agreed. Our priority is to achieve an outcome for our members that protects access to, and the affordability of high-quality healthcare.

What does this mean for you?

If fair and reasonable terms can be agreed before 2 August 2022, Bupa will remain in contract with Ramsay, if so we expect that this will mean nothing will change. However, if there are any changes, we will keep our customers fully informed of any impacts. In the disappointing event new terms can’t be agreed to by 2 August, the following arrangements apply:

Booked into a Ramsay hospital between now until 2 August 2022:
Nothing will change, you can still attend your admission at a Ramsay hospital before this date and have peace of mind that you will not face additional out of pocket expenses. 

For all other admissions, the below transitional arrangements apply:
Table 1.0 Transitional arrangements agreed to in the event of an out of contract scenario.
All admissions meeting the below criteria will face no additional-out of pocket costs AND will be entitled to full network hospital benefits.


On or before 1 November 2022
Rehabilitation and mental health (incl. psychiatry)
On or before 1 February 2023
Obstetrics and neonatal
On or before 1 May 2023
Oncology and renal
On or before 1 August 2023
Other courses of treatment that started before 2 August 2022
On or before 1 August 2023
Any other admission that occurs from 2 August 2022 and up to and including 1 October 2022
Any admission that is booked with Ramsay before 2 August 2022 and occurs on or before 1 February 2023


What happens if I choose to proceed with a treatment or admission at a Ramsay facility where the transitional arrangements are not applicable to my admission?

Bupa members can still attend a Ramsay hospital, however they are more likely to experience additional out-of-pocket costs as determined by Ramsay. Bupa customers that fall into this category are strongly advised to contact their treating Ramsay hospital directly to attain Informed Financial Consent in advance of your admission. 

In this scenario, Bupa is doing everything possible on our side to minimise impacts to customers, including our current commitment to continue to pay our existing Ramsay hospital rates. These hospital rates are above the rates that Ramsay would otherwise be legally entitled to in an out of contract situation. Despite this, Ramsay may choose to charge an out-of-pocket cost. 

If you are unsure whether you fall into one of these categories, we encourage you to call us on 134 135. For more info, see our FAQs below.

We're committed to keeping insurance affordable and ensuring our members have choice, control, and access to their preferred providers.

Bupa works to keep the health of Australians affordable and accessible, which is why we will continue to negotiate and come to an outcome that best supports our members and the health system. We acknowledge that costs are increasing and that it's the responsibility of both hospitals and health insurers to drive efficiencies in the health system.

You and your hospital treatments

We've provided some important information about how this may impact you if we aren't able to come to an agreement with Ramsay ahead of the current contract expiring on 2 August 2022.

Bupa and Ramsay

We've answered a few questions that you might have about these negotiations.