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Choosing a Bupa-friendly doctor can make the process of visiting a doctor easier for you.

If you urgently need a doctor outside your doctor’s normal hours, call the National Home Doctor Service 13 SICK (7425) to arrange for a doctor to visit you in your home.

If you are outside the coverage area for National Home Doctors Service, please view our list of other After Hours Home Visiting Doctors that may be suitable.

Located in Macquarie Park Sydney, WiSE Walk-in Specialist Emergency Clinic provides immediate medical care for accidents and emergencies that require more than a GP visit but are unlikely to require admission to hospital. For more information visit WiSE medical.

What to ask your Doctor guide

What you need to know before arriving at your appointment

  • You may need to arrive a few minutes earlier than your appointment time
  • You will need to bring your student ID and Bupa OSHC card with you
  • It is important to check with the doctor’s receptionist to see if you are required to pay on the day of your appointment

Important questions to ask during your appointment

  • Will I need a follow up appointment?
  • Do I need to see a specialist?
  • If you are in your first 12 months of cover and are being sent for more treatment or tests, ask your doctor to complete a Bupa medical certificate. This helps us determine whether any future treatment will be covered.
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You’ll be able to see any doctor that practices general medicine (also known as General Practitioners or GPs) with your Bupa OSHC membership.

A Bupa-friendly doctor, also known as a Direct Billing doctor, is a GP who has an agreement with Bupa to send your bill directly to us. This helps to reduce or eliminate any payment you would normally need to make on the day of your appointment.

In some cases, there will be nothing for you to pay if you visit a Bupa-friendly doctor, however it is a good idea to check with your doctor’s receptionist when you make your appointment and don’t forget to take your Bupa OSHC membership card and student ID.

If your doctor does not have an agreement with Bupa, you may need to pay for treatment on the day and then submit your receipt to Bupa. Most providers accept cash, debit card (Eftpos), or credit card, but it’s always best to ask the receptionist what their preferred method of payment is.