Staying on or departing Australia

Extending your stay or returning home

You can update your membership at any time via

myBupa iconmyBupa

Bupa call centre icon1800 888 942 for students from within Australia

Bupa call centre icon61 3 9937 4223 for students calling from outside Australia

Bupa call centre icon134 135 for graduates from within Australia

Bupa call centre icon61 3 9487 6400 for graduates calling from outside Australia

Bupa retail iconIn person at your local Bupa centre

Are you staying in Australia once your studies are over?

If so, you can transfer across to one of Bupa’s other great value levels of cover.

Travelling or returning home for a while

In most cases, you can suspend your Overseas Health Cover if you travel outside of Australia or return to your overseas home for a period of time.

To be eligible to suspend your cover you must:

  • have paid your membership to at least one day after the date of suspension
  • you must have been on your health cover for two continuous months before you can suspend your membership
  • you must request the suspension before you leave Australia

If you suspend your membership, please keep the following conditions in mind: 

  • you will not be covered during the suspended period and any suspended time will not count towards any unserved waiting periods
  • your membership must be suspended from the day after you leave until the day you return
  • if you are on a couple or family membership and one member of the family/couple is staying in Australia, then the membership can’t be suspended
  • you can suspend your cover for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 9 months
  • you can suspend your policy on up to three separate occasions per year
  • a one month payment is required between suspensions.

To suspend your membership you must download and complete an Overseas Student Health Cover or Overseas Visitors Cover (485) Suspension form and mail it to:

mail icon Bupa
Reply Paid 9809
Brisbane QLD

Then, within 14 days of your return to Australia, notify Bupa by phone 1800 888 942 for students and 134 135 for graduates or email

You will also need to provide proof of your overseas travel documentation including a photocopy of your stamped passport and travel tickets or itinerary showing your departure and return dates.

Returning home for good?

If you’re going home and won’t be returning to Australia, simply submit a refund request function in myBupa to receive your money back. You will need to provide a letter from your university and/or documentation of your travel tickets as proof that you are no longer studying or staying in Australia. You will need to do this before you leave Australia.

What happens if I pay for my OSHC but decide not to take up the study offer?

If you pay for your OSHC but decide not to take up your study offer you are entitled to a full refund in Australian dollars, so please email us at to arrange a refund of your cover.