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Tips for getting your first job

7 tips for getting your first job 

Things Australian employers look for when hiring overseas workers

Things Australian employers look for when hiring overseas workers

Looking to move out of student accommodation?

Every year thousands of students look to transition out of their student accommodation and into the Australian rental market. As a newcomer, you may not know where to look. We’re here to help. 

Location, location, location

First, it is a good idea to research the suburbs you would like to live which may be near your new place of work or close to everyday amenities you may use and need, for example public transport or your local gym. If you haven’t been to the area before, it’s a good idea to have a walk around at both day and night to get a better feel for the area. It’s important to note, that generally, suburbs closer to water ways, for example beaches and harbours and close to good public transport are generally dearer compared to those located inland and that are not serviced as well by public transport systems. 

Make a check-list

Second, it is best to think about the amenities and requirements you may need within your new rental, for example a car space or a garden.

Third, start your search

It’s best to start your search online which will most likely allow you to filter by location and requirement. If you find something you like, it’s best to call the listed real estate agent straight away, you may even be allowed a private inspection, before the 'open inspection' happens. (The 'open inspection' is common in Australia whereby you have to show up to the property in question with the masses and view the place all together). In most cases you must inspect the property in person before you are allowed to rent it. Properties come up frequently, so keep checking online rental guides such as Some sites will also let you create alerts for your requirements. 

Alternatively, you can search for rooms which are leased or owned by someone else, you’ll just need to organise to move into your room. They may however, ask you to co-sign the lease and organise furniture for common areas. 

Be prepared

Keep in mind that competition in popular areas can be quite tough. Which means, if you find a place you like, be sure to act on it quickly by having all your documentation ready to hand over to the real estate agent at the inspection. This may include bank statements, character references, rental history, application forms and ID points (each real estate agent will differ with what they want from you). Generally, you need 100 points of ID, meaning you will need to make sure you have copies of your passport, driver’s license (if you have one) and/or Australian bank statements printed and ready. 

A big tip from real estate agents, is to act and look like a perfect tenant at inspections, for example, acting friendly and building great rapport may make the agent remember you among the competition.