Frequently asked questions

Graduate FAQ's

If I join Bupa, when will my cover start?

The Australian Government requires overseas visitors to have adequate health cover for the duration of their time in Australia which means if you are transitioning off a student visa, your 485 health cover should start the day after your student visa (or bridging visa) ends. If you need to change the dates of your cover, please call us toll free on 134 135.

What happens if my cover has started and I get sick and my Bupa card has not yet arrived?

If you need medical treatment in Australia that is covered by your Bupa policy but have not received your Bupa membership card, you will have to pay the amount of the treatment and then make a claim once the card has arrived. We’ll reimburse you for the amount you’re eligible for on your health cover. 

How do I transfer my OSHC or 485 health cover from another fund to Bupa?

You can transfer between health providers without any penalty, as long as your cover and visa are compliant. If you transfer onto a Bupa membership, you will need to nominate a start date for your policy. This should be the day after your OSHC expires (or the day after you cancel your previous health cover) to make sure you have ‘continuous cover’. 

Your previous membership with another provider will transfer across so you may not need to re-serve any waiting periods, provided there is no gap in your membership between insurers. If you were covered by your previous health provider for less than 12 months, you may be able to serve the remaining waiting period on your new Bupa membership

To arrange to transfer to a Bupa membership, please call us on 134 135.

Will my Bupa membership cover me outside Australia?

No, your 485 compliant health cover will only cover you for medical and hospital treatment for services rendered while you are in Australia only.

How can I contact Bupa?

You can call us on 134 135 from within Australia and +61 3 9457 6400 if you’re calling from outside Australia.

How can I make a complaint?

Your feedback is important to us, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Where can I find the terms and condition about my policy?

You can find full terms and conditions for your Bupa policy in the Overseas Visitors Fund Rules or can be accessed here.