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OSHC Extras cover is designed for students looking for great value. In addition to your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), OSHC Extras offer extra services up to the relevant yearly limit, that aren’t covered by OSHC alone.

What you get with OSHC Extras.

You get 100% cover for a set number of Members First Extras services each year while studying in Australia, such as a dental check-up, physio, chiro and podiatry consultations (subject to yearly visit limits). And you won’t pay any out-of-pocket costs for those included extras, up to yearly visit limits.

What's covered

Members First Extras

Dental check up^ (1 visit per calendar year)
Physio, chiro and/or podiatry consultations (3 visits per calendar year)
Bonus Dollars - $50 for singles, $100 for couples (1 visit per calendar year)
Bupa Optical - $50 voucher# (1 visit per calendar year)
Consultations via phone with Bupa Dietitians* (2 visits per calendar year)

^ Includes exam, scale and clean, fluoride and two bitewing x-rays only

# Provision of email address required for voucher delivery

* Bupa Dietitians consultations are available and conducted in English only


Get 100% cover for a set number of Extras services at Members First providers each year. Plus, add hospital cover and pay nothing for specific additional general dental services at Members First Platinum Dentists.^

Find out more at Members First Platinum
Find Members First Platinum Dentists

^Waiting periods, policy and fund rules apply.

Members First Dental includes:

  • 1 examination
  • 1 scale and clean
  • 1 fluoride application
  • 2 bitewing x-rays where clinically required

Members First Platinum Dental includes:

  • 1 examination or 1 dental consultation
  • 1 scale and clean or 1 plaque removal
  • 1 fluoride application
  • 2 bitewing x-rays where clinically required
  • 1 mouthguard where clinically required

Bonus Dollars

We will contribute a total of $50 ($100 for couple and family memberships), payable once per year, that can be shared across your extras services to put towards out-of-pocket (extras) expenses at Members First healthcare providers (e.g. for a filling or additional physio treatment).

Members First Provider Network

Bupa Members First is an extensive network of healthcare professionals including dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic and podiatry providers. OSHC Extras is available exclusively through this network with the benefit of 100% cover on the set number of included services (subject to yearly visit limits)**. This means you won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses when you visit a Members First Network provider. OSHC Extras does not cover any consultations at non-Bupa Members First healthcare providers.

This cover also allows you to access Members First rates for selected extras services at Member First healthcare providers even if you don’t receive a benefit under this cover. This means you will have certainty of cost for a wide range of services and consultations. For a list of Members First providers near you, visit

Extras services have an Initial Waiting Period of 2 Months

A waiting period is the time when you are not covered for a particular service. It starts on the date that you enter Australia or the date that you start your membership, whichever is the later date. If you receive a service or treatment during a waiting period, in this case two months, you are not eligible to receive a benefit payment from us, regardless of when you submit the claim.

Bupa Plus

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Remember: You can only claim these Extras benefits from Bupa Members First Providers. Remember to ask if your Extras healthcare professional is a Bupa Members First Provider before booking your appointment.

** Yearly visit limits, waiting periods and fund rules apply.