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Feeling your best
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Asking for help is a key step in finding the best version of you. At Bupa, we have the resources to guide you.



Mindfulness resources for when life happens

Whether it’s quick advice, introduction to helpful tools or just figuring out that thing that’s bothering you, these resources and organisations are here to guide you.

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Bupa is proud to partner with THIS WAY UP, who provide online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy courses designed to help you identify, understand, and improve psychological difficulties like stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

For international students, benefits for online CBT (covered under Digital Mental Health) are only payable on Advantage OSHC or an applicable extras product. logo


Free and available 24/7, ReachOut has information, apps and tools, personal stories and advice, and forums to help you deal with whatever life throws at you.

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Head to Health

If you're trying to improve your own mental health, or support somebody else, Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone supports, free and low cost resources and treatment options.

How to look after yourself,
all year round

During semester: Stay focused and succeed

students outside a cafe


Making the grade when it comes to friends and study in Australia

You’ve taken up a tertiary education to further your studies and learn, but that’s not the total student experience. In fact, making friends and forming new connections can be a highlight

Trudie McConnochie 

by Trudie McConnochie


yoga pose

Steps to wellness

Relaxation tips for busy people

Wondering how to cope with stress? Why not try some of these quick relaxation techniques?

Debbie Elkind 

by Debbie Elkind


girl with smart phone


The effects of technology on our mental health

Technology has made so many elements of our lives more convenient; shopping, researching and touching base with friends, but it might not be doing our wellbeing many favours.

Trudie McConnochie 

by Trudie McConnochie


Exam periods: Perform at your best

student working on laptop

Work stress

Nine important physical signs of stress

Sometimes we know when we’re feeling stressed, and if we’re lucky, why. But this isn’t always the case. We look at nine physical signs of stress and where to go for help managing it.

Mark Dean

by Mark Deanne

Founder and CEO of En Masse

fruit and vegetables

Health and nutrition

Best brain foods for school success

As a time-poor student, food is something you might not give a lot of thought to. You probably wolf down whatever you can throw together before you head out to meet friends

Trudie McConnochie 

by Trudie McConnochie




Goal setting for study success

Whether it’s your first or final semester of study, the start of the academic year can feel overwhelming. When there’s a lot to do it can be hard to know where to begin.

Trudie McConnochie 

by Trudie McConnochie


End of semester: Staying well while on your break

person in jumper and woolen hat

Steps to wellness

Your winter wellness guide

Do the shorter, darker days of winter leave you feeling wistful and inclined to hibernate? Read on for tips to keep you feeling well during winter.

Susannah Newman 

by Susannah Newman

Health Writer

two girls sharing laughing in cafe

Mind and body

Surviving winter without a warm break

With a ban on all overseas travel, winter escapes abroad are almost certainly off the cards this year. We share some ideas to help avoid the winter blues.

Tracy McBeth

by Tracy McBeth


sad looking girl


If you are feeling blue reach-out for help with your emotions

Life can be full of stresses. Whether it be a study deadline, financial pressure or problems at home. Usually, once these problems pass, we tend to feel better and more positive about life

Trudie McConnochie 

by Trudie McConnochie


A guided meditation
series - Present
Being in the moment is sometimes a challenge. But it can create a clearer path to a clearer mind. That’s why we created Present – a meditation series which will be here for when you need it.

A moment to yourself

Body scan

Email pause

Good morning meditation

Simple breath meditation

student advice line
Members have access to a 24/7 Student Health and Support Line. You can speak to a registered nurse for medical assistance, access counselling services or receive advice on home, property, legal or general tax enquiries. The service is one of the benefits of being a Bupa OSHC member and interpreters are available in 180 languages.
Call the 24-hour student advice line
on 1300 884 235