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Because you know what your life needs.

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Choose your own Extras

With Bupa FLEXtras, you have the power to build your own product, and choose only the Extras services you want - nothing more, nothing less. There's no need to pay for complicated bundles, which often come with a fixed grouping of services that don’t always match your needs.

  • Avoid bundles that come with a fixed grouping of services you don’t need

  • Build and customise your own Extras product

  • Only pay for services you’ll actually use

How will FLEXtras benefit you?

Life changes all the time – so your Extras cover should too. With Bupa FLEXtras, you’re in control. Choose what you’re covered for and update your selections at any time to match your needs.*

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Insurance made for you, by you

Create your own personalised Extras product with the services you need.

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Change your Extras services

Swap out Extras services you haven’t claimed for within the calendar year with ones that better match your needs.*

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Get better value

Only choose the services you know you'll use.

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Clear upfront costs

Know exactly the percentage you'll receive back when you visit your recognised healthcare provider.

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Choose your healthcare provider

Enjoy the convenience of your preferred recognised provider.

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No complicated bundles

Avoid wasting your money on bundles of services you don’t need.

*You'll have the flexibility to swap services if your needs change. If you haven't made a claim for a given service within the calendar year, you can swap it for another service. If you've already made a claim on a service you'd like to change, you'll need to wait until your limits reset on 1 January to make any changes. These selections and any changes apply to everyone covered by your membership.

How do you create your FLEXtras product?

Create your Bupa FLEXtras product in three simple steps. It’s that easy.

More choice, better value

Changing the amount of extras services, claim-back percentage and annual limits will change your premium - the total cost of your cover. If you're planning on using your Extras services regularly, you may wish to choose the higher limits and higher percentage back to maximise your cover.

  • Choosing 6 services means you'll have a broader range of services you're covered for.
  • Choosing 60% back means you'll get more money back when you make a claim at any recognised provider (up to annual limits).
  • Choosing higher limits means you'll have more money to make claims for a particular service (up to annual limits).

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