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More than just a health insurance provider

By selecting Bupa corporate health insurance, you will be able to provide your employees with more than just the typical hospital cover. You will be able to supply your team with a holistic health service aligned to your people strategy, backed by our global experience in designing and delivering wellbeing programs.

Why set up a corporate plan?

  • 268 day average waiting period for elective surgery in the public system for 2017/18.1
  • Bupa members got over a billion dollars back from the Members First network across 2017/18.2
  • Employee health plans led to a 25.3% decrease in absenteeism.3
  • Up to 15% increase in productivity can be achieved by upgrading the workplace environment.4

Benefits for your company

Happy and healthy employees

A strong employee benefits program can make a positive contribution to a company's culture – including the attraction and retention of the best candidates.

Placing a solid focus on health, through offering employee’s corporate health insurance, may contribute to a strong workplace culture – healthier employees can help contribute to a more productive workplace with less absenteeism.

Good at what we do

When you partner with Bupa, you can provide your employees with a tailored health plan designed specifically for them, including access to a range of wellbeing programs designed to improve health, reduce stress and improve work/life balance.

Along with a dedicated corporate portal, where your employees can access product, health and industry information – we also provide you with access to a dedicated Corporate Partnership Manager who will provide a personal service to your employees, including individual and/or group consultations.

Your Corporate Partnership Manager will also work with you directly on reporting and analytics, helping you to understand your employees’ health risks – and building those insights into a robust workplace health strategy for your company.

Quality and choice

Bupa provides flexible health insurance for employees of corporations, associations and small companies alike. Our corporate health insurance options include a range of hospital and extras cover that are tailored for employee life-stages, just like personal insurance.

You'll also be able to choose whether your company pays a full or partial contribution or whether your employees will fund their own health cover.

Benefits for your employees

  • Access to competitive premiums and affordable quality product options
  • Certainty of out of pocket expenses at Members First network providers with eligible Extras cover
  • Access to wellbeing services exclusively available to our corporate partners

Getting started

There are three main funding models to consider when setting up your corporate health insurance plan:

Company funded health plans

Your company pays the full contribution of its employees' health cover. Find out more.

Partially funded health plans

A contribution to health insurance premiums is paid by both the employer and the employee. For example, you may choose to fund the hospital premium with the remainder funded by your employees, resulting in lower contributions for them. Find out more.

Voluntary health plans

Your employees pay the total cost of their health cover premiums. Find out more.

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Choosing the right plan for your company

Increasing health care costs are putting greater pressure on the public health system, which in turn leads to people waiting longer for treatment. A lack of speedy access to health treatments may adversely affect employee productivity, morale and may increase absenteeism. That's where offering the right health plan to employees may help.

What options are available?

If you're considering offering your employees a corporate health insurance plan, as a company owner or decision maker, you'll need to decide how you want to support it. Again, there are three models:

Company funded health plans

With a fully-funded health insurance plan, your company pays a health insurance premium to the insurer on behalf of your employees.

A couple of things to consider:

  • The premium contributions are based on the number of employees enrolled in the plan.
  • You can nominate the rebate tier which can help reduce the contribution amount you pay.

Partially funded health plans

Contributions to the health insurance premium is a shared cost between you and your employees.

  • We generally bill you for the premium contribution owed by the company e.g. the hospital component or a percentage of costs depending on your agreement.
  • We will bill your employees the remaining premium contribution as well as any excess or co-payments if applicable.

Voluntary Health Plans

On this plan type, your employees must pay the total cost of their health cover.

Age-based discounting

We are pleased to offer our customers aged between 18 and 25 years a discount of up to 10% on their health insurance premiums when they take out Bupa domestic hospital cover, including on our corporate range. The discount is calculated at 2% for each year they’re aged under 30, when they first purchase hospital cover. Once they're received an Age-based discount, they will retain that discount rate until they turn 41, as long as they hold continuous hospital cover. These discounts will then be gradually phased out when they turn 41.

Read more information on age-based discounts and how they work.

Creating a healthier workplace

Together we can assess your specific workplace needs and, using our range of workplace diagnostic tools, create a calendar of health solutions providing you with the tools, initiatives and information relevant to empowering your people to thrive.

A balanced approach to workplace health

A holistic and well implemented workplace health plan may create a positive impact on the success of the overall organisation. The Bupa workplace health model aims to support and improve employee health by providing a framework to guide your workplace health plan.

Our health solutions are designed around four key Health and Wellbeing pillars;

Solutions that target lifestyle factors to support general body health Solutions and tools to help support a healthier mental and emotional state Solutions that focus on promoting a happy workplace Solutions that focus on promoting workplace health and safety

Lifestyle factors
Support managing lifestyle factors that impact health such as nutrition, smoking and physical activity.

Medical profile
Raising awareness of own health profile and issues, including vitals such as weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Physical health management
Ability for people to better manage occasional or ongoing physical health conditions such as the flu, back pain, and diabetes.

Healthy behaviours
Develop a heathier mind set with health coaching, onsite massage, meditation sessions, mindfulness and goal setting seminars.

Stress and resilience
Cultivate the skills to manage stress and achieve a better work-life balance through our coaching programs and seminars.

Mental health management
Awareness seminars help give a greater understanding of issues and build a more empathy-driven workplace.

Healthy leadership
Lead by example with executive medicals and health coaching, on-site wellbeing advisors, and positive communication and change management training.

Health benefits
Access our online wellness portal, health expos and corporate health insurance plans.

Social support
Encourage a team effort with health and fitness challenges, training programs, and seminars with inspirational speakers.

Risk management
Provision of workplaces that minimise risks to health as well as safety.

Healthy work design
Effective performance is facilitated with manageable demands and access to relevant work resources.

Healthy work settings
Access to places that promote health (i.e. environments encouraging movement and fitness, healthy eating and being smoke free).

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