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Popular help topics

Keeping my information safe

It's important to keep your login ID and password protected. We recommend you change your password regularly and log out of myBupa as soon as you’ve finished your online transactions.

Has your child recently finished their studies?

If your child is 21 years of age or older and has finished in full-time study then they are no longer eligible for coverage under your Family membership. If you wish to continue to keep them on your membership and they are single, you can take out a Family Plus membership where they can remain covered until they reach the age of 25. Once they reach 25 years of age they will need to take out their own policy as they can no longer remain on a Family Plus Membership.

If your child wishes to take out their own policy, provided they do so within 60 Days from the date they complete their studies, they will not need to reserve waiting periods for any benefits they were covered for under your policy.

If your child is under the age of 21 or is a single, full-time student under the age of 25 years then they can remain covered by your Family membership.

My child is moving out of home - are they still covered?

Yes. If your child is under 21 years of age or is a single, full-time student under the age of 25 years, they can be covered under your Family membership even if they live away from home.

Alternatively, if your child is not in full-time study, is single and aged 21 to 24 years, you can cover them under a Family Plus membership even if they live away from home. If you take out a Family Plus membership they will remain covered until they reach the age of 25. Once they reach 25 years of age they will need to take out their own policy.

How do I order a tax claims summary?

If you'd like to receive a summary of the claims you've made throughout the financial year, simply call us on 134 135.

How to claim online

Claiming online is quick and easy. Simply log in to myBupa and go to the 'Make an extras claim' page. Make sure you have your bank account details and your receipts ready and you'll be able to submit your claim in 3 simple steps. In most cases you’ll find out straight away if you are entitled to a benefit and how much you can expect to receive.*

Can I claim for ambulance services?

You cannot make a claim for emergency ambulance services through myBupa. If you need to make a claim for ambulance benefits, you will need to fill out an ambulance claim form along with a claim form and mail it to us.

Most Bupa hospital and extras products provide limited cover for Emergency Ambulance services. An emergency is when there is reason to believe that the patient's life may be in danger or the patient should be attended to without undue delay.

If your cover includes emergency ambulance cover, you will be covered for one emergency service (including on-the-spot treatment) each calendar year for a singles membership and two for a couples membership. If you combine hospital and extras cover you will still receive the same number of services. Please remember you're not covered for non-emergency transport such as trips from a hospital to your home, a nursing home or another hospital.

Why hasn't my claim been paid?

There may be a number of reasons preventing your claim being processed and paid. To ensure we can provide you with an answer please contact us so we can discuss your claim in person.

How do I change my details on my other insurance policies?

If you hold another insurance policy with us for travel, home, car or life insurance and you’d like to change your details simply contact us and one of our friendly Bupa team will be happy to assist.

I recently got married - how do I change my surname?

Before we can change your details you will need to ensure you have updated your details with Medicare. Once this has been done simply contact us to advise us of your name change. We’ll verify your name change with Medicare and then update our records.

How do I know if I'm on the right cover?

Bupa has an extensive range of health cover options to suit a wide range of needs. Our 'Browse Health Covers' tool allows you to specify the services that you want to be covered for. That way, you can be sure you're paying for services that are relevant for you and your family's needs.

I've just changed my cover - do I need to order a new card?

No, our system automatically takes care of this. Once we have processed your change of cover. You will receive a new card within 15 business days outlining your new cover details in the mail.

I'm moving interstate - will this affect my cover?

It won't affect your level of cover but it may affect your premium. Premiums vary per state. If you move interstate you need to let us know so that we can adjust your premium to reflect the premiums of the state in which you live.

How long will I have to pay the loading for?

The Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) will be removed after you've held continuous hospital cover (as defined in the Private Health Insurance Act 2007) for a period of 10 years.

What is an excess?

To lower the cost of your hospital cover, on selected covers you can choose to include an excess. The amount of excess you pay varies depending on your chosen level of cover.

An excess is the set amount you agree to pay upfront before your benefit is paid. The excess is paid each time a person on your membership is admitted into hospital including for same day procedures, up to a maximum of once per person and twice on the entire membership each calendar year unless otherwise specified.

Who do I talk to if I have a concern or complaint?

If you have a concern regarding your cover, please contact us. If you are not satisfied with our consultant's response, please contact our Customer Relations Manager in writing:

Customer Relations Manager
PO Box 14639
Melbourne VIC 8001

If you're still not satisfied with your response from Bupa, you may contact the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman on 1800 640 695. or visit them at

Who is eligible to have a membership card?

Anyone covered on your membership is eligible to have a membership card. We automatically provide cards to any person on the membership who is 18 years or over. If you have someone on your membership who is younger than 18 years but requires their own card, simply contact us and we’ll issue them a card.

I've misplaced my card – what do I need to do?

Simply order a new card online and we will send one out to you. Your new card will be sent to you in 5-10 business days.

Can I use my old HBA, MBF or Mutual Community card?

Your old card will continue to work, however we suggest replacing it when your new Bupa card arrives.

*The following services are not claimable online: Medical Gap, pharmacy, health aids and appliances, ambulance services, orthodontic, travel and accommodation, and hospital claims.