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30-day cooling off period

We're confident you'll be happy with your cover, however if you decide to cancel, we'll refund any premiums you have paid within the first 30 days of your membership commencing provided you haven't made a claim.





An excess is a set amount you pay upfront before your benefit is paid. The excess is paid each time a person on your membership is admitted into hospital, to a maximum of once per person and twice on the entire membership each calendar year unless otherwise specified.
A co-payment is an amount you agree to pay towards the cost of your daily hospital bill. A co-payment is charged per day and capped after five days for each hospital admission.

Extras Paid Back*:


Extras Paid Back

You can budget how much you'd like to pay for your monthly premium by choosing how much you want to claim back from your visits for most items at Members First providers covering dental, optical, physio and chiro. Annual maximums and waiting periods apply.

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  • Pharmacy Saver (weekly) $0.45

Features at a glance

Hospital Cover
Extras Cover
Price is based on cover for: Family00 years old, StateChange
Assumes no Lifetime Health Cover loading and [rebate] government rebate included. Price may vary if details change.

Are you eligible for the Government Rebate?

Are you registered with Medicare?

Have you held continuous hospital cover since July 1, 2000your 31st birthday? help

When did you last begin continuous health cover

Is your partner registered with Medicare?

Has your partner held continuous hospital cover since July 1, 2000their 31st birthday? help

When did your partner last begin continuous health cover

Apply the Australian Government Rebate (30%) to reduce cover costs?

Do you or your partner hold any of these concession cards? help


About this cover

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If you would like hospital cover without any exclusions, and the flexibility to lower the cost of your premiums by having an excess then this product could be for you.

An excess does not apply for any children covered by your membership who are admitted to hospital.

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For inpatient services included on cover:
tick icon Accommodation for overnight and same day stays
tick icon Operating theatre, intensive care, ward fees
tick icon Bupa Medical Gap Scheme available
tick icon Surgically implanted prostheses
tick icon Accidents sustained after joining
tick icon Knee arthroscopy or meniscectomy procedures
tick icon Appendicitis
tick icon Removal of tonsils and adenoids
tick icon Dental surgery
tick icon Minor gynaecological surgery
tick icon Psychiatric services
tick icon Rehabilitation services
tick icon Pregnancy (childbirth)
tick icon Assisted reproductive services (IVF)
tick icon Cardiac and cardiac related services
tick icon Renal dialysis for chronic renal failure
tick icon Cataract and eye lens procedures
tick icon Hip and knee replacement (including arthroplasty, revision and resurfacing procedures)
tick icon All other joint replacements
tick icon Gastric banding and obesity related services
tick icon Abdominoplasty and lipectomy
tick icon All other inpatient treatments receiving a Medicare benefit

Additional Items:
tick icon Emergency ambulance services
tick icon Family in-hospital benefit that helps pay for in-hospital partner/family accommodation or meals
tick icon Health subscription refunds
tick icon Unemployment cover
tick icon Excess options
orange cross Co-payments
green tick Covered orange cross Not Covered Not Covered

Not Covered/Exclusions

If you require treatment for a specific procedure or service that is excluded under your level of cover you will not receive any benefits towards your hospital and medical costs and you may have significant out-of-pocket costs.

If a service is not covered by Medicare there will be no benefit payable from your hospital cover so you should always check with us to see if you’re covered before receiving treatment. For more information please refer to ‘What is not covered’.

minimum benefits Minimum Benefits Minimum Benefits

Minimum Benefits

For services paid at minimum benefits in a private hospital we will pay minimum shared room benefits, and you will have your choice of doctor. These benefits would not be adequate to cover all hospital costs and are likely to result in large out-of-pocket expenses.

For services paid at minimum benefits in a public hospital, we will pay minimum shared room benefits and you will have your choice of doctor. If these benefits are less than the public hospital charges, you will have out-of-pocket expenses to pay.

Help on definitions Definitions help

Definitions help

Click here to view our online glossary.

Understanding your hospital cover

What is covered?

Hospital costs

With private hospital cover, you can choose to be treated as a private patient in either a public or a private hospital.

What if I am treated in a Members First or Network Hospital?

You will be fully covered, in most instances, as a private patient in most hospitals that Bupa has an agreement with, known as Members First and Network hospitals across Australia for any treatment which is recognised by Medicare and is not either restricted or excluded under your cover.

A small number of these hospitals may charge a fixed daily fee. This fee is capped at a maximum number of days for overnight stays. The hospital should inform you of this fee when you make a booking. This fee is in addition to any excess or co-payment you may have as part of your hospital cover.

At Members First Day Hospitals, you have the added benefit of no medical gaps in addition to being covered for hospital costs, provided the treatment is recognised by Medicare and there are no exclusions on your level of cover.#

# Not available in NT. Any co-payment or excess related to your level of cover will still apply.

When admitted to hospital, in most cases you will be covered for all in-hospital charges when provided as part of your in-hospital treatment including:

  • accommodation for overnight or same-day stays
  • operating theatre, intensive care and labour ward fees
  • supplied pharmaceuticals approved by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and other allied health services
  • surgically implanted prostheses up to the approved benefits in the Government’s Prostheses List
  • private room where available.

We recommend you call us first before making a booking to confirm that your chosen hospital gives certainty of full cover. We can also discuss any excess or co-payment that might apply to your level of cover. You can find out if a hospital has an agreement with us by checking the Find a Healthcare Provider section of this website.

Can I choose to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital or at a private hospital that Bupa does not have an agreement with?

If you elect to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital or are admitted to a private hospital that Bupa does not have an agreement with, you are covered as set out below for any treatment recognised by Medicare unless it is excluded or restricted under your cover.

In these circumstances, you are likely to incur out-of-pocket expenses for your hospital costs.

What happens if I choose a private hospital that Bupa doesn’t have an agreement with?

If you are admitted to a private hospital that Bupa does not have an agreement with, we will pay shared room minimum benefits and benefits for prostheses up to the benefit in the Government Prostheses List. This will apply for any treatment recognised by Medicare, unless it is excluded or restricted under your cover. These benefits will only partially cover the full cost and you will have significant out-of-pocket expenses.

It is important to note that you will be responsible for the cost of your stay and may be charged directly for your hospital accommodation, doctor’s services (including any diagnostic tests), surgically implanted prostheses (such as artificial hips) and personal expenses such as TV hire and telephone calls. Some of these hospitals bill Bupa directly for the limited benefits we pay. Please also refer to the Medical Costs section below.

What happens if I choose to be a private patient in a public hospital?

As a private patient in a public hospital you are entitled to choose your doctor, if they are available. However, it is important to understand that you may still be subject to public hospital waiting lists.

Depending on your illness or condition, this may be the same doctor who would have been allocated to you by the hospital as a public patient. Additionally, whether a doctor provides treatment at a public hospital, or performs a particular procedure in a public hospital, is outside of Bupa’s control.

If you elect to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital, we will pay minimum benefits for shared room accommodation as set by the Australian Government.

Depending on your level of cover, if you choose to stay in a private room, Bupa may pay an additional fixed benefit towards the cost of your stay. If this benefit is less than the hospital charge, the hospital should let you know what out-of-pocket expenses you will have to pay. Bupa also pays benefits for prostheses up to the benefit in the Government Prostheses List.

The above applies for any treatment recognised by Medicare unless it is excluded or restricted under your cover. It is important to note that in public hospitals, private rooms are generally allocated to people who medically need them.

As a private patient in a public hospital you will also be responsible for personal expenses such as TV hire and telephone calls together with any Medical Gaps your doctor/surgeon charges above the Medicare Benefit Scheme and prostheses charges above the benefit in the Government Prostheses List.

Medical costs

These are the fees charged by a doctor, surgeon, anaesthetist or other specialist for any treatment given when you are in hospital. You are covered for the cost of these medical treatments up to the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) fee. The MBS fee is the amount set by the Federal Government for each medical service covered by Medicare. You must be eligible for Medicare in order to be covered up to the MBS fee.

How benefit is calculated

If you choose to be treated as a private patient in a hospital (public or private), Medicare will cover you for 75% of the MBS fee for associated medical costs and we will cover the remaining 25%.

Bupa Medical Gap Scheme

The Bupa Medical Gap Scheme is an arrangement Bupa has with some medical specialists/doctors such as an anaesthetist to help minimise the amount you’ll need to pay for your medical costs in hospital.

No Gap

If you see a “No Gap” doctor that uses the Bupa Medical Gap Scheme you won’t have to pay any medical costs as your medical specialist or doctor will bill Bupa directly. Check with them that they will use this for your upcoming admission upfront.

Known Gap

If you see a ‘Known Gap’ doctor that uses the Bupa Medical Gap Scheme with you, you will need to pay up to $500 towards your medical costs.

Without the Gap Scheme

If your doctor is not using the gap scheme, Medicare will pay 75% and Bupa will pay 25% of the MBS fee. Any charge above that will be your gap.

Your choice of network

We are partnered with Genesis Heart Care, a network of cardiologists across VIC, QLD, SA and WA that focus on providing quality, evidence based cardiology services. When you see a cardiologist from Genesis Heart Care you will have certainty of no out-of-pocket expenses for your in-hospital cardiologist treatment. You’ll also be provided with information and advice so you can make informed decisions about your treatment and lifestyle.

What is not covered?

Hospital costs

Situations when you will not be covered include:

  • when you have not been admitted into a hospital and are treated as an outpatient (eg emergency room treatment, outpatient ante-natal consultations with an obstetrician)
  • during a waiting period
  • when a service is excluded from your cover
  • when a service is covered as a minimum benefit and you are admitted to a private hospital, you will not be covered above the minimum benefit
  • for the fixed fee charged by a fixed fee hospital or a hospital that has a fixed fee service
  • for psychiatric and rehabilitation day programs, at a hospital Bupa does not have an agreement with
  • hospital treatment provided by a practitioner not authorised by a hospital to provide that treatment
  • hospital treatment for which Medicare pays no benefit, including: medical costs related to surgical podiatry (including the fees charged by the podiatric surgeon); cosmetic surgery where not clinically necessary; respite care; experimental treatment and/or any treatment/procedure not approved by the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC)
  • personal expenses such as: pay TV, internet access, non-local phone calls, newspapers, boarder fees, meals ordered for your visitors, hairdressing and any other personal expenses charged to you unless included in your cover
  • if you are in hospital for more than 35 days and you have been classified as a ‘nursing home type’ patient. (In this situation you may receive limited benefits and be required to make a personal contribution towards the cost of your care) if you choose to use your own allied health provider rather than the hospital’s practitioner for services that form part of your in-hospital treatment (eg chiropractors, dieticians or psychologists)
  • where compensation, damages or benefits may be claimed by another source (eg workers compensation)
  • for any amount charged by a public or non-agreement hospital which is not covered by us or which is above the benefit that we pay
  • for any treatment or service provided outside Australia
  • for some non-PBS, high cost drugs
  • for pharmacy items not opened at the point of leaving the hospital.

Medical costs

You will not be covered for:

  • medical services for surgical procedures performed by a dentist, surgical podiatrist, or any other practitioner or service that is not eligible for a rebate through Medicare.

Waiting periods

A waiting period is the time between the start date of your membership and when you are covered for a service or treatment. If you receive a service or treatment during a waiting period, you are not eligible to receive a benefit payment from us, regardless of when you submit the claim. Different waiting periods apply for different services.

The following waiting periods apply for hospital cover:

  • palliative care, psychiatric and rehabilitation services – two months
  • pre-existing conditions, ailments or illnesses and pregnancy (including childbirth) – 12 months
  • all other treatments included in your cover – two months.

Inpatient vs outpatient

If you are admitted as a private inpatient, you will be covered for the services listed in your chosen level of hospital cover. If you receive treatment as an outpatient (ie you are not admitted), in most instances you will not be covered by private health insurance. If eligible these services may be claimed from Medicare.

When to contact us

If you have been a Bupa member for less than 12 months on your current hospital cover, it is important to contact us before you are admitted to hospital to find out whether the pre-existing condition waiting period applies to you. We need about five working days to make the pre-existing condition assessment, subject to the timely receipt of information from your treating medical practitioner/s. Make sure you allow for this timeframe when you agree to a hospital admission date. If you proceed with the admission without confirming benefit entitlements and we (the health fund) subsequently determine your condition to be pre-existing, you will be required to pay all hospital charges and medical charges not covered by Medicare.

Planning for a baby

If you are thinking about starting a family we recommend that you contact us to check whether your current level of cover includes pregnancy in advance. This is because a 12-month waiting period applies to pregnancy (including childbirth) and assisted reproductive services.

No waiting periods will apply to the newborn provided they have been added to the appropriate family hospital cover within two months of their birth.

Additional features

  • Family In-Hospital Benefit

    We'll help cover the costs of accommodation and meals for your partner, immediate family member, carer or next of kin should they need to stay in hospital with you. They will be covered for $60 per night for accommodation in hospital and up to $30 a day for hospital meals, capped at $1000 per person, per year. Hospital meals are covered when provided at a hospital cafeteria or patient meal menu.

  • Health subscription refund

    50% refund on a subscription to the Arthritis Foundation, Asthma Foundation and Diabetes Australia.

  • Unemployment Cover

    If you have unemployment cover and you're involuntarily retrenched or made redundant from full-time employment, from the start of your second month of unemployment your health insurance premiums will be covered (at the same level of cover) for up to 12 months while you remain unemployed.

    Unemployment Cover is underwritten by CGU Insurance Limited ABN 27 004 478 371, AFS Licence No: 238291.

    Unemployment cover conditions

    To be eligible for unemployment cover the following conditions apply:

    • If you have a family or couples membership only the main income earner is eligible.

    The main income earner must:

    • Have been employed for at least six months with the same company prior to your involuntary retrenchment or redundancy
    • Not be a contractor or in self-employment
    • Have held your health cover for 12 months before your involuntary retrenchment or redundancy
    • Provide proof of your unemployment to our reasonable requirements, every three months providing you still remain unemployed.
  • Parent and Baby Wellbeing

    You will receive access to a range of valuable services for parents with new babies, including consultation and support, identification of depression and anxiety and follow-up support if needed. These services are provided as part of your hospital cover. It's part of our commitment to ensuring the best possible care for you and your family.

  • You may not have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge

    Covers you against paying an additional levy known as the Medicare Levy Surcharge. This levy is tiered according to your level of income and whether you hold an appropriate level of private hospital cover. The income levels and surcharges are: singles earning more than $90,000 (1%), $105,000 (1.25%) and more than $140,000 (1.5%) or couples and families with combined taxable incomes greater than $180,000## (1%), $210,000# (1.25%) and $280,000# (1.5%).
    #Family income thresholds increase by $1,500 for each additional child after the first child. Thresholds are effective 1 July 2014 and are indexed annually.

    You should ask your tax adviser for more information or visit the Australian Taxation Office website.

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Member Exclusives

Member exclusives include a range of discounts and deals from specially selected partners to help you enjoy some health and wellness perks at an affordable price. Whether you're interested in fitness and sports or rest, relaxation and travel, you can choose what suits your needs from our range of partner discounts. Full terms and conditions of all offers are available in the Member Exclusives section of myBupa.



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cooling off


We're confident you'll be happy with your cover, however if you decide to cancel, we'll refund any premiums you have paid within the first 30 days of your membership commencing provided you haven't made a claim. 

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Government Rebate

The Government offers all Australian residents who are entitled to Medicare benefits an income-tested rebate on their private health insurance.

The government now income tests the rebate on private health insurance. One way you can save up-front is to claim the rebate as a reduction on your premium, would you like to do that now?

For individuals earning $90000 ($180000 for families*) or under
*This increases by $1,500 per child after the first child
If at any stage you wish to nominate a new income tier or stop receiving the Australian Government Rebate as a reduced premium, you must notify your health fund as soon as possible.