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Available exclusively to members on Silver Plus Hospital and Gold Hospital

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You'll get complimentary access to the Second Opinion and Doctor Online information services from Best Doctors*.

The Doctor Online service is a personal online service that provides you with information and answers to basic, non-urgent medical questions (general in nature not specific to your situation) with a response provided in 48 hours from a qualified Australian General Practitioner. The online member portal also allows access to a medical library (fact sheets, videos and resources), as well as the ability to open a Second Opinion case.

With access to a network of over 50,000 world leading specialists, the Second Opinion service provides you and your doctor with additional medical information regarding the diagnosis or treatment plan for your specific health condition. It can help you in many situations, including when you:

  • Need help understanding your medical diagnosis
  • Have doubts about your treatment or surgery recommendations
  • Are experiencing a slow recovery or your symptoms are not improving
  • Need help deciding between treatment options.

Who are the specialists?
The Best Doctors database is compiled of specialists who are recommended by their peers as a leader in their field. The database is regularly updated and doctors cannot pay to be included.

What conditions can I ask about?
Almost any illness or injury – from heart conditions and cancer to back pain, skin conditions and migraines.

Best Doctors can't provide a second opinion on short term acute conditions, minor chronic illness, psychiatric conditions, dental problems, or where patients are currently admitted to hospital.

How does the service work?

  1. Best Doctors will collect your medical records from your doctor, pathologist and other specialists, and identify the most appropriate specialist from its network to provide you with further information about your condition.
  2. The specialist will perform an in-depth review including retesting pathology results if required.
  3. You will be provided with a comprehensive, easy to understand report. If you give consent, the report can also be sent to your doctor so you and your doctor can assess your options together. The process takes 15 – 20 days after medical records have been collected

If I use Best Doctors, will Best Doctors replace my treating physician?
No. Best Doctors provides medical information only and not medical care, diagnosis, or treatment. You will not be a patient of Best Doctors or of any Best Doctor Experts that review your case. No doctor-patient relationship will be created between you and Best Doctors or you and a Best Doctors Expert. Your treating physician maintains all responsibility for your care and all treatment decisions will be made solely between you and your treating physician.

Who is eligible to use Best Doctors?
Members on Silver Plus Hospital and Gold Hospital receive complimentary access to Best Doctors. It is also complimentary for family members on your policy.

Is Best Doctors independent of Bupa?
Best Doctors is independent of Bupa. Bupa simply enables its Silver Plus Hospital and Gold Hospital members with access to Best Doctors' services.

To be clear, Best Doctors will not share your medical records. However, Best Doctors may provide Bupa de-identified information on the number of members who have used the service and their medical conditions.

Do I have to follow the recommendation Best Doctor provides?
There’s no obligation for you to follow the recommendations. The information you receive is to help you and your treating doctor better understand treatment options and make informed decisions.

Contact Best Doctors

Website: Visit Best Doctors

Call: 1300 291 207 - Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5pm AEST

Please ensure you have your Bupa membership number available to confirm your eligibility.