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Health Insurance frequently asked questions Whether you’re new to the world of Private Health Insurance, new to Bupa, or just looking for some answers, we’ve got you covered.

The Australian Government health system is called Medicare and covers most basic medical expenses - but it doesn’t cover everything. Using this public system, you may need to wait a long time for certain surgeries and you may also be limited in your choices when it comes to where and who you are treated by. 

This is where private health insurance helps. 

Private health insurance is designed to help cover costs associated with doctor and hospital expenses when being admitted to hospital and treated as a private patient. Other benefits of private health insurance are:

  • Greater choice of specialised medical professionals.
  • Access to a wider range of hospitals.
  • Can help you avoid paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge.
  • Shorter potential wait times for planned surgery.
  • Cover for a private room for services included on your cover (subject to clinical eligibility and availability).

Regular trips to the dentist and physio can add up - but Extras cover can help. Depending on the type of Extras cover you choose, after you serve your waiting periods you may be able to claim money back for a range of health services that may not be covered by Medicare, like dental, physio, optical & chiro, up to yearly limits.

Australia’s Healthcare System has two major parts: the public health system, and the private health system. Generally speaking, Private health insurance is an optional cover many Australians take out to give them more choice and helps to cover costs above and beyond what the public system would. This also alleviates the pressure on the public system. 

Private health insurance can help cover things like:

  • Hospital treatment: Once you are admitted to hospital, private hospital cover can help pay for the costs of treatment and your stay.
  • General treatment: Also called ‘Extras’, or 'Ancillary' this depends on your policy but can include dental, optical and physiotherapy treatments. 

There are two components to private health insurance. 

Hospital cover

Hospital cover helps to cover some of your costs if you need to go to hospital.

Extras cover

Extras cover helps to cover the costs of services not always covered by Medicare, including dental, optical, physiotherapy, and chiropractic services.

What is 'hospital' cover?

Hospital cover is private health insurance that helps cover the cost of your admission to hospital. Once you’re admitted, Hospital cover helps with costs including in-hospital fees, accommodation and surgery fees. Bupa also has arrangements with many doctors to reduce or eliminate your out of pocket fees for the doctors who treat you in hospital.

Hospital cover ranges from entry level basic cover right through to top tier Gold cover, ensuring you can find a cover the suits your needs.

What is 'extras' cover? 

As well as hospital cover for emergencies or scheduled operations, you can get Extras cover to help you manage the costs of your everyday health. Depending on which level of Extras you choose, you could be covered for a range of everyday specialties such as optical, dental (general and major), physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, mental health and chiropractic services.

Bupa has developed a Members First Extras network with thousands of providers to help our members pay less for most services included in their Extras health cover. 

For health cover that meets your needs, get a quote
There are a few things to take into consideration when weighing up your private health insurance options. Bupa have made it easy to compare different policies based on your requirements.

To help find and compare products for you, use our quote tool.

We get that some Health Insurance terms can be confusing.

We’ve broken down and demystified some of the most commonly used terms in health insurance to help you understand and get the most out of Bupa’s cover offering.

Health insurance excess: What does it mean?

Your health insurance excess is the amount you pay when you’re admitted to hospital. It’s like an up-front payment you can agree to pay if you need to go to hospital, as a way to reduce your premiums.

You can lower your monthly premiums by agreeing to pay a larger excess, usually ranging between $0 to $1,000. If you choose a $0 excess, your premium will be more expensive. Choosing a $750 excess, however, would lower your monthly health insurance premiums.

What is a ‘co-payment’ in health insurance? 

An agreed amount you pay each day that you are in hospital, usually up to a maximum number of days. It usually applies every time you are admitted to hospital. You can choose to have a higher co-payment to lower your monthly premium.

What does ‘out-of-pocket costs’ mean for Hospital Cover? 

While health insurance covers some of the costs of hospital or extras services, it doesn’t cover it all. The amount you pay to cover the difference is known as an ‘out-of-pocket cost’.

What does 'no gap' mean in health insurance? 

‘No gap’ means we will cover your ‘out-of-pocket costs’ so there is nothing to pay.

What is an age-based discount?

If you’re aged 18-29, you’re entitled to an age-based discount on your hospital cover. The discount starts at 2% for each year you’re under 30, when you first purchase hospital cover. The maximum discount is 10% for 18 to 25 year olds. The younger you are when you purchase hospital cover, the more discount you may be entitled to.

For example:

  • If you purchase Bupa health insurance as a single aged between 18 and 25, you will be entitled to the full 10% discount on your hospital cover, until you turn 41.
  • · If you purchase Bupa health insurance as a couple aged between 25 and 29, the person aged 25 will receive 10% and the person aged 29 will receive 2%. This works out to be an average 6% discount on the membership.
  • Age-based discounts are optional for health insurers. Not all insurers offer it. Bupa is committed to helping young Aussies get access to private health insurance by offering the full age-based discount to our existing and new members. Find out more about age based discounts.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our glossary of commonly used words and phrases in healthcare.

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