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The benefits of walking

The benefits of walking


Walking just 15 minutes
every day can extend your life
by as much as 3 years

Who knew something as simple as walking could be so beneficial? You'll be amazed at what just 15 minutes of walking a day could do for your health…the Australian healthcare system…and even the WORLD!

Scroll down and discover the joys and benefits of walking.

How can walking benefit you?

  •    Weight loss: Walking for 30 minutes burns around 440 kJ for a woman (70kg) and 500kJ for a man (85kg) 
  •    Increased life expectancy: Recent studies show an association between walking and a 19%-30% reduction in premature deaths 
  •    15 min a day of brisk walking can have significant health benefits, adding up to three years to life expectancy - and every additional 15 minutes of daily exercise reduced all-cause death rates by a further 4% 
  •    Reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression 
  •    Protect against dementia by improving blood flow to the brain 
  •    Boost your immunity to limit your odds of catching colds and flu 
  •    Build endurance by boosting your heart and lung's ability to get oxygen-rich blood to your muscles 
  •    Lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer 
  •    Build strong bones to help protect against osteoporosis 
  •    Build strong muscles and support joints to help ease symptoms of arthritis 

Tips to build walking into your day

  • Avoid long periods of sitting.
  • Stand up to talk on the phone.
  • Cutting down on sitting time
  • Do things the inconvenient way
  • Bypass the lift
  • Walk, don't just stand on escalators
  • Get a move on in your lunch break
  • Rethink your attitude to mopping the floor
  • Play active games with your children or the dog
  • Get into the garden for a few minutes.
  • Find ways to get moving in front of the TV

15min brisk walk

burns the same
amount of energy as:

3 squares of dark chocolate
Half a banana
A slice of bread
Half a skinny latte

30min brisk walk

burns up as
much energy as:

10 min spin class
15 min jogging
20 min rowing
25 min Wii Fit
30 min pilates

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