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The cost of IVF

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a form of assisted reproductive treatment and involves fertilising a woman’s eggs with a man’s sperm outside of the human body. Once fertilised, the resulting embryos are transferred to a woman’s uterus in the hope that a successful pregnancy will follow.

How much does IVF treatment cost and how much of this is covered by Medicare and Bupa? 

IVF treatment may involve an admission to hospital or occur outside of a hospital admission. Medicare will contribute to the cost of medical services, whether or not they require a hospital admission. If IVF is included in your hospital cover and you’ve served your waiting periods, Bupa will contribute to hospital and medical costs for IVF services during a hospital admission.

Many IVF services do not require you to be admitted to hospital; however the type of IVF services provided to and number of cycles required by a patient will depend on individual circumstances and will be based on your fertility specialist’s recommendations.

As a rough guide, the average cost for services provided during a standard IVF cycle, and estimates of the proportions of this that will be contributed by Medicare, Bupa and the patient are shown below.

Individuals and couples considering IVF treatment are required to give their informed financial consent prior to any treatments being provided.

Total cost for a standard IVF cycle Between $8,000 and $10,000
Final out-of-pocket costs after Medicare and Bupa benefits Around $3,200 - $4,200
Of this cost Medicare covers/pays Approximately 48%*
IVF treatment can involve a day hospital procedure. These services can be claimed from Bupa (if applicable under your level of hospital cover) Approximately 13%*
The remainder is billed as an out-of-pocket cost to the patient. However, costs can vary due to more advanced services required, which will be billed in addition to the estimates provided here. For example if a patient makes a decision to undergo pre-genetic diagnosis (PGD) to ensure that the embryo is free from genetic diseases the costs will go up. PGD is not covered by Medicare. Approximately 39%*

Note: this table is indicative only, based on information provided by Virtus Health and is based on you having reached your Medicare Safety Net where a diagnosis of medical infertility has been made.
* Percentages are calculated against a total cost of $10,000.

To discuss your individual circumstances and the costs you may incur, you should speak with your Fertility specialist and clinic staff. Individuals and couples considering IVF treatment are required to give their informed financial consent prior to any treatments being provided.

Contact Bupa to check your level of hospital cover as some products may restrict or excluded benefits for IVF and assisted reproductive services.

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What’s involved in an IVF cycle? 

A standard IVF cycle is not one simple procedure, but a series of steps over several weeks that generally includes:

  • Hormones to stimulate ovaries to produce more eggs for collection
  • Blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor and collect eggs at the right time.
  • Procedures to transfer and implant embryos after successful fertilisation
  • Pregnancy test
  • Standard medications
  • Counselling during and immediately post cycle
  • Fertility specialist consultations
  • Specialist nursing care and support
  • Scientific/embryology services.

This is intended to provide an example of the costs a couple may incur in a standard IVF cycle, but we would always suggest that you contact us before any hospital admission to confirm you’re covered.

A standard IVF cycle does not include specialist and advanced testing and services that may be required before or during a standard cycle. It also does not include donor cycles.

In Victoria, mandatory counselling, police and child protection checks are also required.

Further information 

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Last updated: 2017

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