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Family life is filled with important moments…but when it comes to the happiness of our kids, it’s the little moments that can matter the most.

Parents told us they care most about the emotional wellbeing of their children. We know through research that making the most of the little everyday moments you have together to connect, talk and laugh is key to family health & wellbeing.

Stuck in traffic or time for a game? Connecting to devices or connecting with each other?

The Bupa Family Challenge is a free, easy and fun program that offers ideas and inspiration to make the every day moments count. Designed for busy families there is a new Challenge to try each week that will help you turn the little moments of family chaos into opportunities to talk, connect and improve your family’s health and wellbeing.

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  • Family Challenge FAQ’s
    What is the Bupa Family Challenge?

    The Bupa Family Challenge is a free online program that provides tools and inspiration to make the every day moments count. Designed for busy families like yours, there is a new Challenge to try each week that will help you turn the little moments of family chaos into opportunities to talk, connect and improve your family’s health and wellbeing.

    How long does the Challenge run for?

    The Bupa Family Challenge is an eight week program. Each week, families will receive one new Challenge to complete, along with tips, tools and guidance to help your family tackle the Challenge.

    Does my family have to complete all the weekly Challenges?

    Your family can participate in as many of the weekly challenges as you like. If you have a busy week or plans that will stop you from completing the weekly Challenge, that’s ok! Have a go the following week. Every Challenge your family does complete gives you an entry into the monthly and major prize draws.

    When can my family start the Bupa Family Challenge?

    Your family can register for the Challenge whenever it suits you. New weekly Challenges are released each Sunday, so you must have registered your family by the Thursday prior to participate in the following week’s challenge. If you register after Thursday, you will start the Challenge the following week.

    How will my family know about each weekly challenge?

    Every Sunday of your Family Challenge program, you will receive an email announcing the challenge to be completed that week. The Challenge will also be accompanied with tips, tools and guidance to help your family tackle the Challenge. Keep an eye out for the Challenge emails!

    Do I need to be a Bupa customer to register my family?

    No, the Bupa Family Challenge is open to all families across Australia.

    How can my family win prizes?

    There are monthly prizes to be won as well as a major family prize at the end of the Challenge period. To enter the monthly prize draw, you will need to click on the banner with the competition entry form link and answer the question in the competition entry form that can be found in your weekly Challenge emails. The entry form link will be send to you from week 2 onwards. We will draw four of the best answers every month to win a monthly prize.

    At the completion of the Challenge, you will receive an email with the final question. Once you've answered this question, the best answer will win the major prize!

    What are the prizes?

    There are 5 monthly prizes and 1 major prize drawn at the end of the program period (31 May 2018). Prizes are:
    (a) December 2017 –  4 x Red Balloon Family vouchers valued at $500
    (b) January 2018 - 4 x Garmin family packs valued at $500
    (c) February 2018 - 4 x New balance vouchers valued at $500
    (d) March 2018 - 4 x Coles/Myer vouchers valued at $500
    (e) April 2018 – 4 x Speedo vouchers valued at $500

    The major prize is a $5000 Visa gift card to put towards an activity that brings your family together, as stipulated in your competition entry.

    For full prize details, see terms and conditions.

    Our family has completed the 8 week Challenge and want to do it again.

    Excellent! Your family is welcome to participate in the Challenge more than once. Just complete the registration form again, and you will receive the 8 weekly Challenges via email. Please note that by re-registering, your family will complete the same Challenges you completed in the first round. A new series of Challenges will be released at the completion of the Challenge period.

    We are finding the Challenges too difficult or too easy.

    We know that family life is busy and that all families are different. Families will tackle the Bupa Family Challenge at their own pace. If you are finding it hard to complete the Challenge each week, that’s ok! Do the best you can, amend the Challenge to make it achievable for your family, or if it's just too hard, attempt it the week after.

    For families who feel the Challenge is easier, Challenge yourselves to make it a little harder. Feel free to do the weekly Challenge more times than prescribed, or change it up to try something a little different.

    The most important thing is that the Challenge helps your family to connect, have conversations and create some fun memories using the little moments your family have together.

    Who can I contact if I have a question?

    If you need to contact us, please send an email to We'll get back to you in two (2) business days.

  • Family Challenge T&C’s

    Click to view the full terms and conditions.

  • Competition winners

    Congratulations to all families that have been participating on the weekly challenges!

    These are the monthly winners of the Bupa Family Challenge competition

    April 2018 winners

    "We loved this challenge! It was so fun looking at old photos and having the kids try and guess who it was a photo of. It was also fun comparing which features were like each family member. It has inspired us to create a photo book with photos of each relative, particularly grandparents from when they were younger and now."

    Team Rosebuds

    "My 4 year old Jack woke up on Friday and wanted to make pancakes for breakfast. So we looked for a recipe on the internet and he picked the one he wanted to make. When Jack heard his sister Eloise (2yrs old) wake up he went into her room and said we need your help to make pancakes. They were enjoyed by all of us."

    Team Donnelly

    We don't get to see Casey's Poppy very often. On Easter Thursday we managed to catch up over the Team Talk questions which gave us all a wonderful way to connect, learn about each other and share. It prompted us to reflect and share ideas about ourselves that we may not have thought to offer. There were deep, thoughtful moments but also lots of laughing. A great idea."

    Team Taylor Tribe

    "School holidays decided to take the challenge outside to the next level. We went camping for four nights. The cold is always a controller but we rugged up and went off grid. No mobiles no devices, just us and the great outdoors. We are learning to pan for gold, 6 year old is a keen prospector, fished (we never catch one lol), explored, played soccer and had a hit of tennis, walked. At night we watched the stars, wildlife spotting and played cards!! He never asked once for screen time, very relaxing and great memories ☺"

    Team Ash and Mum Rick

    March 2018 winners

    "Photos are such a joy to look at! What a way to reflect on times that you may have forgotten. We were able to share life before the kids through pictures. The kids really enjoyed seeing their parents as young people and getting to see the great grandparents they never got to meet. Then we were able to look at the lives of both child from the time that they were born! Such a joy and so easy. Smiles all around :)"

    Team Jumanji

    "Our family had a ball with storytelling this week, we involved the whole family, including nanna and grandad even skyping Grandma interstate for a funny story. This was the kids favourite week so far and was a surefire way to get them excited for bedtime. Lots of the stories were about travels around Australia as we are off on a trip to Uluru and we even did a family puzzle of Australia together! #somuchfamilyfun #learntsomuch"

    Team Got the moves like Jagger

    "We are currently in the process of moving so it has been pretty stressful and we have not had a lot of sit down dinners, last week we made the effort to have some home cooked meals. We also took some time to talk about how our days went my husband and myself went first so our girls understood that they could say anything our eldest said her lunch order and lunch time cause she had $2 to spend at the canteen haha, the youngest didn't say much and with a little propping we found out that she was having a few issues with a girl at school teasing her :( we had a chat about what was being said and she went from tears to smiles understanding that she can talk to us about anything anything and we addressed the issue at school."

    Team Planers

    "The best thing about the challenge this week was after day 4, watching my 5 year old ride her bike without training wheels. This was such a proud moment for my husband and I. Committing to this challenge sent us out on more bike rides with husband and the older 2 while I pushed our new baby in the pram. A great family bonding experience and time for my daughter to get extra confident on her bike."

    Team Shreeveo

    February 2018 winners

    "A friend who had lost her mom a few years back said she just wished she could hear her voice and ask her a few more questions. She felt sad that her daughter would never really get to meet her grandmother. She wished she had videos of her moms’ wisdom. I feel so blessed that my parents were this week able to share their stories with us on video that I know I'll cherish long into the future. In the videos, they shared how they met, their strengths and what they've been most proud of in their lives. They shared ideas on finances, and what true happiness means to them. We watched the videos as a family and talked about our thoughts on happiness and what we are most proud of in our family. I'm forever grateful for what my parents have passed along to us and future generations."

    Team Robinsons 5

    "Being the first full week back at school combined with camp for both my children, the focus on the family challenge resulted in one of my boys asking to play monopoly! His reasoning was that he really missed his brother and wanted to connect with both of us. I must say I never thought the family challenge would be so powerful. The game of monopoly was probably the best game we have played together, with a lot of laughing, talking and pure fun! Creating a focus on family through this challenge is highlighting for the three musketeers the bond we have, and enabling us to grow this exponentially!"

    Team The Three Musketeers

    "The whole family enjoyed answering the questions, there were some that were serious and some which ended up with very funny answers. All in all it generated a lot more discussion then the stock standard ‘how was your day’ discussion. A true sign that it was successful and enjoyable was that the kids have been asking “what’s the challenge for this week?”!"

    Team compassion

    "It’s great to be able to share the things we’re grateful for; as adults to share the difference of what we’re grateful for with a appreciate that we’re also grateful for each other."

    Team WeeKenders

    January 2018 winners

    "It's just me and the two kids now. The last year has been really hard. I told the kids about the BUPA challenge at a really bad Chinese restaurant, so Bad it was good. So we decided to take turns saying what we were grateful for with respect to the restaurant. It was hilarious. From this silly start we began to start each sentence with 'I'd be grateful for....'. It totally changed our language and we laughed so much about the things we'd be grateful for. Thank you BUPA for helping heal us a little."

    Team Aba

    "Listening to our 2 year old tell us a story. It really got all our imagination going. We had to play along, pretend the story was real, and it got us laughing all the way down south on a 3 hours drive. But it made it realise as parents not only does our children mimic everything we say and do, but we have certainly raised a very bright and imaginative child! But most importantly it got us all laughing and having fun as a family which we haven't done for a while as my husband works long hours and is hardly at home."

    Team Behart

    "The best thing about last week's challenge was that my daughter who is 6 spoke up about feeling bullied at school. We were able to find a solution that made her feel heard and safe and I felt good she shared this with me."

    Team Mummygee

    "Well, after reading about your program, we decided it was time to bite the bullet, battle the redbacks, and mount an expedition to liberate our bikes from the back of the garage! Mission accomplished! With a collective groan, we set off through the the start , more than one of us was having second thoughts about this! However at the end of a good 45 minute ride we felt vindicated! Tired but proud, we put our trusty steed away for the afternoon, vowing to continue....and continue we Have :). Thanks again BUPA?"

    Team BUPA Heroes

    December 2017 winners

    "Life has had a lot of hurdles lately. It's been hard for us to see the silver-lining. The gratitude game changed the way we've been relating to each other: made us appreciate the small things and see the good out there. Our attitudes improved and I myself was waking up cheerful instead of full of dread. We also downloaded the "grateful" app so we can record things that make us feel good for the day and then talk about that as a family too. Eventually we'll combine our grateful stories and make a family book of all our wonderful experiences."

    The Foffs

    "As a mother of a child with anxiety, I found this challenge a perfect way to focus on the positive things in his life. Instead of focusing on what went wrong each day we talked about the things that went right and how grateful we are that those things happened. It helped him to refocus his emotions and begin to look for positive things each day."

    The Ryano's

    "We are a busy working family and the best part about this challenge was expressing our gratitude for each other! Hearing both our kids say how grateful they are to have us as parents and why - cuddles, kisses, holidays, movie nights, that we are always there when they need us. We often get caught up in our busy life and wonder if we are doing the right things for are kids. His was such a great conversation starter game and we will definitely keep going with it."

    The Shaw Thing

    "Hearing our 5 year old son tell us what he was grateful for. His answers were not what I expected. Of course there was his new toys Santa just brought him. The other things like our home, having us as his mummy and Daddy and family love blew me away. Thank you for giving me the chance to see that side of our son."

    Strength and Love

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