ADF Health Services Contract

ADF Provider Hub

Bupa has established a Provider Network which consists of Allied Health, Medical Specialists and hospitals that deliver services as part of the ADF Health Services Contract (ADFHSC) supporting health provision for over 85,000 Eligible Personnel (EP’s) across Australia.

The Provider Network works in partnership with Bupa and is supported by our customer service, account and contract managers. We look forward to working with you to deliver health services to Defence Eligible Personnel (EPs). See our ADF Provider Information Pack and additional information for ADF Mental Health providers.

Registered ADFHSC Providers

Information for Providers who are registered with the ADFHSC Provider Network

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Find a preferred Provider (Pathology, Imaging & Radiology, Optical)

It is the expectation of Defence and Bupa that where practicable the on-referral for Pathology, Imaging and Radiology and Optical services is delivered by Bupa’s network of providers:


VIC, NSW, WA, SA, NT, ACT – view ACL locations
QLD & Northern NSW – view QML locations
TAS – view TML locations

Imaging & Radiology

Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS) – view HIS locations

Additional I&R partners

(South East Radiology, Perth Radiology Clinic, South Coast Radiology, Radiology SA, Capital Radiology, Imaging Associates, Quantum, Hunter Imaging Group, IMED, North QLD X-Ray, Territory X-Ray, The X-Ray Group) – view I&R partner locations


Bupa Optical & Hearing stores

Additional Optical partners

(Ipswich, Glenbrook, Karratha) – view Optical partner locations

Fee Schedules and Valid Item Codes

Detailed below are Bupa’s Fee Schedule and valid item codes. Bupa is required to comply with the items, codes, explanations, rules and conditions in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and specific other healthcare services not covered under the MBS Schedule.

If you are a Registered Provider, you are expected to use iRBS for the management of ADF HSC bookings (including receipt of the referral, providing clinical reports and submitting services rendered). Use of the ‘Services Rendered’ function enables you to submit a compliant invoice that can be paid within 7 days.

Invoices not submitted via iRBS are subject to our ‘best endeavour’ 30-day payment terms and can be emailed to

2022-2023 Fee Schedules

Audiology Schedule of Fees PDF (54KB) CSV (1KB)
Chiropractor Schedule of Fees PDF (141KB) CSV (8KB)
Clinical Neuro-Forensic Psychology Schedule of Fees (PDF 59KB) CSV (1KB)
Dental Schedule of Fees PDF (549KB) CSV (35KB)
Dental Specialist Schedule of Fees PDF (291KB) CSV (19KB)
Dietitian Schedule of Fees PDF (64KB) CSV (1KB)
Exercise Physiology Schedule of Fees PDF (66KB) CSV (1KB)
Medical Schedule of Fees PDF (2.9MB) CSV (216KB)
Occupational Therapy Schedule of Fees PDF (67KB) CSV (1KB)
Physiotherapy Schedule of Fees PDF (78KB) CSV (2KB)
Podiatry Schedule of Fees PDF (165KB) CSV (6KB)
Psychology Schedule of Fees PDF (65KB) CSV (1KB)
Speech Pathology Schedule of Fees PDF (62KB) CSV (1KB)

Visit the Archive of Schedule of Fees for schedules prior to 1 July 2022


For further information, contact Bupa’s CSO on 1800 316 915 or email for assistance.