Home Affairs have made an announcement on appointments exceeding the time frame given in your Request for Health Examination letter. Visit our Announcements page for more information.

To ensure you successfully complete your health examination there are a few key things to remember:

Your valid passport.

HAP ID or e-Medical Referral Letter.

Prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Specialist's report/s about your medical condition

Important information for women and children


A booking cannot be made by pregnant customers who are under 14 weeks to term. If you are over 14 weeks pregnant, please call our contact centre on 1300 794 919 as it may affect you being able to proceed with the examination.

Children under 6 months old

Children aged less than 6 months old and born in Australia do not need to complete a visa medical in person. Your visa processing officer is required to submit a paper request on your behalf. Please speak to your visa processing officer for further information.


If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please go online to reschedule your appointment so it falls 4-6 days after you have finished menstruating.

Children 2 to 11 years old

Department of Home Affairs policy is that children aged from 2 to 11 years migrating from specified countries require a blood test for TB when they visit a Bupa clinic. This requirement appears as exam 719 on the HAP letter provided by Home Affairs for your child or children.

Arriving for the appointment

Please arrive on time for your appointment and allow approximately 2 hours for your examination to be completed.

Entry into Bupa centres is only for people with an immigration health examination or children under 18 years old with an adult. Other family or visitors without an appointment are not able to wait in the medical lounge for security reasons.

During the health examination

You will be required to change into a gown provided for your immigration health examination. We recommend that female applicants NOT wear a dress to the appointment – skirts and pants are advised.

If you are having an x-ray, you will be asked to remove all jewellery from the waist up and tie long hair up. We request valuables not be brought to the examination. Change rooms and lockers will be available to store your belongings.

If required, a health professional will perform a full physical examination. This may include taking a blood sample, urine sample and/or chest x-ray.

Please eat and drink as normal prior to your appointment.


Once you have completed your health examinations, you can check that we have submitted your case to the Department of Home Affairs by using their eMedical health processing system, as explained on their website.

Bupa Medical Visa Services is unable to provide you with advice about the processing of your visa application. If you have confirmed that your case has been submitted and need further advice, please contact your case officer or visit Department of Home Affairs website for further information. Note: If you have an ImmiAccount, Department of Home Affairs request that you log on to your account and check any available visa status information before contacting them.

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