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Say hello to Kids Helpline

We’re proud to be the principal partner of Kids Helpline, supporting the Kids Helpline @ School program and My Circle service.

Support @school

Kids Helpline @ School provides primary schools across Australia with support to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of kids.

The sessions are free and facilitated by a qualified Kids Helpline Counsellor via a video link, covering topics such as managing emotions, developing resilience, friendship and bullying.

Kids may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed about COVID-19, so to help during this time Kids Helpline have developed a new COVID-19 session to provide teachers and students with coping strategies. Kids Helpline counsellors can connect with classrooms via video or online learning during the transition back to school.

Refer your local school by completing this form or you can download this info flyer to share with a teacher.

Support online

We’re also supporting the growth of a new service called My Circle.

It’s a safe, secure social media platform where young people can connect anonymously with peers who are dealing with similar challenges and access group sessions, all facilitated by Kids Helpline counsellors. As we grow the service, the University of Sydney will evaluate the outcomes and fine tune the tool, creating an evidenced based, cost-effective program to help more young people access the care they need.

Because there’s heaps of help for kids too

It’s easy to forget that kids are probably wondering what’s going on in their little worlds during the global pandemic. So together with Kids Helpline, we’ve pulled together some great tips and resources for you to help spark conversations, and make sure they’re feeling ok.

Meet Chatter Box!

Together we’ve created Chatter Box. A card game designed to support the emotional wellbeing of families. It’s simple – pick up a card, and each family member answers the question. Do as many or as little as you like!

Here are some questions:

“Have you felt worried or scared this week? How did you react?”
“What cartoon character would you most like to be and why?”
“What was the best moment of today for you?”

Print the game and start playing. We have two versions – one in colour, and one in black and white so you can colour in.

Print and colour in Print in colour

Top tips for talking points

Want to learn more about bullying, anxiety, social media and more? Check these out.

What to say (and how to say it)

Do you need a little advice on how to talk to your kids about COVID-19? Check out this quick video.

How to talk to children about COVID-19

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