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Make Your Life a Success Story

Success means something different to all of us – for some it’s running a highly profitable business, for others it’s a happy home life. Whatever your definition of success is, do you actually feel you’re achieving it?

Here some of Australia’s top business coaches, keynote speakers and thought leaders offer their stories of success and tips to help you reach your potential and turn your life into the success story you deserve.

Brightwater Business Coaching

Brightwater Business Coaching has been helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals for over 23 years. Through carefully devised programs, workshops, webinars, courses and one-on-one coaching, Brightwater offers clients the knowledge and skills to determine their business success stories and achieve a better work-life balance.

The business coaches say that it’s vital to be ‘coachable’ by remaining open to ideas and opportunities. Get to know your industry well, define your goals clearly, whatever they may be, and don’t let anything stand in your way of achieving them.

Stories of success: One client of Brightwater Business Coaching was a family-owned health and fitness business with two locations. Together they devised a 10-year plan of establishing 20 locations, turning over $20 million and then either selling the business or having it ready for public listing.

The plan enabled the owners to implement systems and processes to ensure the business wasn’t reliant upon the family. In less than four years they had 13 locations and a turnover of $20 million, and were made an offer they couldn’t refuse.


ActionCOACH is one of the largest business coaching companies in the world, with over 1,500 offices in over 50 countries. Established in 1995, it helps realise business success stories through devising action plans and equipping leaders with the abilities to implement them. They help owners focus on better time and staff management for increased productivity.

Understanding your business well enough to run it as efficiently and effectively as possible is critical to success, says Ben Fewtrell of ActionCOACH ANZ. This means recognising what and when changes need to be made, whether it’s a few tweaks or a large overhaul. Implementing the right changes and adopting the right procedures, with expert help and advice, will allow you to grow a larger and more profitable business.

Stories of success: Ben Fewtrell, owner of the ActionCOACH ANZ franchise, started his first business aged 18, working long hours for his transport company in the role of both owner and driver.

By 28 he had grown it to such a level of success that he was able to sell the company and pursue his dream of becoming a business coach. He purchased an ActionCOACH franchise, turning it into what is now the largest and most successful ActionCOACH office in the world.

Kick But

Kick But was founded by acclaimed motivational speaker Rosie Pekar, who has toured the world delivering seminars to help people kick the ‘buts’ that hold them back from success. Rosie has helped thousands of people build motivation and resilience to banish negative thinking in order to attain personal and professional goals.

Rosie is one of only four Australians showcased internationally by the government as a ‘Success Specialist’.

Rosie’s top advice for turning your life into a success story is to learn to think positively about yourself, stop living in fear and finding excuses that stop you doing the things you want to do. Once you lose the word ‘but’ and start believing in yourself, you can achieve true personal freedom and find fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Stories of success: Rosie spent 16 years in law enforcement and investigations facing many tough and dangerous circumstances, but none so difficult as the way she thought about herself. By learning to overcome her negative views of herself and stop blaming the present on events in the past, she managed to create and achieve her own goals for a happy and successful life.

Not only does she provide motivational talks and training, Rosie also passes on her experiences and techniques through four successful books and regular features in the media.

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey has over 20 years’ experience delivering inspiring keynote speeches to millions of people worldwide, transforming the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Eric is a Certified Speaking Professional and ambassador for three charities, and has recently released his first book, ‘Bring Your A Game’. No stranger to adversity he has grown from humble roots in South Central Los Angeles to become a success in many arenas of life.

Whether he’s providing one-on-one coaching or giving a sold-out seminar to thousands, Eric’s advice remains the same: never give up, even when others don’t believe in you. If you can conceive a goal or aspiration, believe in it and take the right actions to achieve it, then you can create the life you want.

Stories of success: Following a tough childhood, Eric forged careers in professional sport, executive management and sales. At the age of 36 he decided he wanted to be a motivational speaker.

In spite of repeatedly being told he was too old, he refused to give up and continued to study and practice, often giving talks for free. 20 years later, he is a hugely successful motivational speaker who has shared his secrets to success with over 3 million people in 13 countries.

Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers

Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers are a respected team of speakers, trainers and entertainers, all highly specialised in their widely different backgrounds. The company matches clients with the most appropriate speaker, entertainer or trainer for their event, whether it’s a conference, training seminar or other corporate event.

According to one of the speakers, Rachael Bermingham; the way to achieve success is to be clear on what you want before designing a plan on how to achieve it. Rachael says success looks different for each person, and therefore designing a plan that is relevant to you personally is one of the keys to success, along with keeping things simple.

She also advocates surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people, while striving to work in roles that are aligned to your passion. Keeping a schedule that includes time out to work on and look after yourself mentally and physically is also key.

Stories of success: Great Expectation Speaker Rachael is one of Australia’s most successful female authors, having sold over 7 million copies of her books worldwide. One of her co-written books is Australia’s best-selling cookbook of the last 10 years, with one in 10 Australian households having a copy.

Rachael is also the manager of a successful book production company, respected keynote speaker and mentor for women. She has achieved her success story by giving things a go and implementing steps to achieve both small and large goals, celebrating milestones along the way.


Kitegirl was established by Annabelle Drumm, a business coach with over 20 years’ experience who has also built two successful businesses of her own. She works with established professionals and entrepreneurs in the creative sector, spotting their potential and building strategies to allow them to harness it to the full.

Define your own version of success and don’t base it on anyone else’s opinion or advice, says Annabelle. Some people want a busier schedule, others higher quality customers, or the means to support other areas of their lives that they enjoy more. She says that it’s up to you to define your success story, ‘happiness cannot be achieved unless you are pursuing your own version of it.’

Stories of success: One entrepreneur Kitegirl worked with quadrupled his income within six months of coaching, without altering his working hours drastically. He achieved this by defining his personal and business goals clearly, identifying the area of his work he loved the best and putting the right support systems in place to take care of the rest.

This freed him up to concentrate solely on the work he loved. Coaching also led to a more positive mindset where he was open to turning his business into the huge success story it became.

Maureen Pound

Once businesses owners reach a certain level of success, they can often get stuck and be unsure of how to launch their business to the next level.

Maureen Pound is one of Australia’s top business coaches, helping these business owners make the necessary decisions in order to focus on the right clients, improve cash flow and free up their time and energy to spend time doing the things they love.

The Maureen Pound philosophy is that it ‘doesn’t have to be that hard’. She stresses that everyone will have their own definition for success and it’s not dependent on the amount of money you earn.

‘A multimillionaire may not consider themselves successful whilst someone earning 50k may feel very successful.’ She helps business owners define what success is to them and then supports them to actually achieve it.

Stories of success: One to practice what she preaches, Maureen has long since figured out what she wants from life and has done everything she can to get there.

From an unhappy, yet seemingly successful, corporate worker bee to a private business owner with three investment properties, she continues to helps others achieve their goals. ‘The secret is to know where you want to end up, be brave, be open to a few obstacles, and to just keep going.’

Grahak Cunningham

Motivational speaker Grahak Cunningham draws upon an unusual personal anecdote to inspire thousands of people during his keynote and motivational talks. He has successfully completed the 5000 kilometre Transcendence Race in New York four times to offer insight into what it takes for humans to achieve such feats, whether in the physical, personal or business world.

He defines success as progress rather than an end goal. Grahak says, ‘never giving up means if you didn't achieve your ultimate goal, you can get back up, dust yourself off and keep trying.’ Having achieved such a gruelling physical feat, Grahak is in demand as a motivational speaker and team building trainer.

Stories of success: Grahak’s mantra of never giving up is what saw him across the line during his first attempt at the Transcendence Race despite the physical torture his body was undergoing. The race involves running 18 hours a day for 51 days; despite painful joints and lack of sleep, Grahak says he was really happy in the knowledge he was doing his best.

Writing your own success story needn’t be mission impossible. By listening to those who help people achieve success on a daily basis you’re one step closer to reaching your goals. Define what success means to you and start planning for your bright future, with the advice from these inspirational speakers and coaches.

Part of a successful life is being prepared for any eventuality.