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Lifestyle Experts Share Their Healthy Morning Habits

How do you start your day? Do you walk out of the door with pep in your step, or is it a slow struggle through to the afternoon? Give yourself the best chance for making each day count by revisiting your morning routine and trying something new. We spoke to some of Australia's most successful lifestyle and wellness experts for their favourite healthy habits, to help you kick-start your day.

The Holistic Nutritionist

Kate Callaghan is the Holistic Nutritionist; her impressive resume includes dietitian, international speaker, personal trainer and being a mother of one. Callaghan’s healthy lifestyle incorporates nutrient-dense foods and rejuvenating exercise into a practice of self-love every day. She integrates mindful and sustainable practices into her life, and encourages other women to do the same.

Healthy habit: Callaghan starts each morning by placing her hands on her stomach and taking 10 deep breaths. Try it for yourself to mitigate the effects of stress and start your day in a calm and focused manner. As you inhale, feel your belly rise, and as you exhale, feel it fall.

Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute (YIMI)

This teacher-training school combines ancient yogic and Ayurvedic teachings with modern Western medicine. At YIMI you can practice restorative yoga and meditation or train to be a yoga and meditation teacher. They offer a range of postgraduate specialties and short courses.

Healthy habit: For a ‘self-nurturing practice that restores health and vitality back to the body, mind and soul’, do as the yogis at YIMI do and give yourself a daily massage, Abhyanga, as soon as you wake up.

The practice takes only 5-10 minutes and involves applying warmed Ayurvedic oils to your feet (start on the left if you’re a woman and the right for men) before working all the way up your body. Use long strokes on limbs and circular strokes on joints and torso, and don’t forget to include your face.

Enterprise Fitness

This personal training studio by Mark Ottobre has a high-calibre clientele, boasting everyone from premiere fitness, figure and bikini models to pro and amateur boxers who have nabbed Commonwealth Gold. This elite gym has a strong focus on results and pride themselves on their ‘before and after’ transformations.

Healthy habit: Ottobre minimises the amount of small decisions he makes each morning so he can focus on the bigger decisions the day holds. That means picking one breakfast and sticking to it. Protein-rich meals are the way to go, according to Ottobre, if you want to fire up the neuro transmitters that determine your focus and motivation: dopamine, acetylcholine and neuro peptide Y.

Shift Nutrition

Dietitian and Nutritionist Skye Swaney is the genius behind Shift Nutrition, with its philosophy of making healthy eating easy and delicious. Her clients vary from individuals through to big corporations. She's also an avid food fan who loves whipping up recipe ideas at home.

Healthy habit: Skye stresses the importance of making time for a healthy breakfast without the complications. She opts for muesli and yoghurt, porridge with fruit and nuts, eggs on wholemeal toast or a smoothie. She recommends a great balance of whole grains and protein for boosted energy and concentration levels.

Kenko Tea

This Melbourne-based specialty tea company has tasked itself with the mission to bring Japanese Matcha Green Tea into the homes of Australians. This beverage contains high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid that encourages a calm alertness, says Kenko.

Healthy habit: You won’t find the team at Kenko Tea grabbing a quick take-away coffee on the way to work. Instead they prepare and consume their tea in a mindful way, as influenced by Japanese tea ceremonies. The brand suggests incorporating a 10-minute daily matcha ritual into your morning. The relaxing process allows you to clear your mind and reflect peacefully on what's to come.

Revolution Personal Training (RPT)

This personal training schedule aims to make it as easy as possible for clients to keep fit and healthy. The studio caters for all levels of fitness, either with one-on-one or group personal training sessions. The flexible hours are designed to fit in with your busy schedule.

Healthy habit: The fitness gurus at Revolution Personal Training inject some zest into their mornings with a cup of lemon water. This aids digestion, flushes your body, boosts your immune system and brightens skin. They say adding a warm cup of lemon water to your morning can make substantial differences to your everyday life.

MyDeal Australia

MyDeal is all about bringing people everyday essentials at the best price. Despite only being in operation for five years, MyDeal Australia has served over 500,000 happy customers. And with more than 20,000 discounted products, they’re exposed to the latest innovations in health appliances.

Healthy habit: One of the products that makes it a little bit easier to roll out of bed in the morning is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus - BJE410. Press a rainbow of fruit and vegetables through for a super charge of vitamins each morning. It makes getting some of your five-a-day possible even before breakfast.

Experience Yoga

If you’re looking for more balance in your life, this peace-loving studio could be the answer. Managed by Caroline Giles, an accredited yoga therapist with more than 12 years of yoga teaching experience, Experience Yoga offers hatha yoga practices, alongside therapeutic courses and consultations for improved wellbeing. 

Healthy habit: ‘Yoga is a way of living and how you live moment-to-moment. An awareness of your body and posture as the day begins, connects you physically within’, says Giles. She adds that taking several mindful long, slow breaths while maintaining an awareness of your posture will energise your system and remind you to stay present in body and breath throughout the day.

Paleo Café

This ever-expanding establishment is the world’s first paleo health food café and shop franchise, with several branches across Australia and New Zealand. It specialises in supplying meals for followers of the Paleo diet. Also commonly known as the caveman diet, this way of eating focuses on naturally available edibles and eschews any unnatural processes.

Healthy habit: Founders of the Paleo Cafe Jai and Marlies Hobbs say, ‘the most important thing is that you take time to nurture your mind, body and soul.’ For them that means sitting down with a freshly brewed pot of herbal tea, listening to some relaxing music, and burning a candle.

Yoga Institute

Michael de Manincor of the Yoga Institute is a yoga teacher with more than 30 years of experience. He's renowned in Australia for training others in instructing yoga and is currently writing a PhD on the mental health benefits of yoga. He says, ‘any commitment we make to a daily self-care ritual is a good thing.’

Healthy habit: Manincor believes that a morning ritual that’s tailored to a person's needs, aims, challenges, and circumstances will be the most effective. For him this means mindful, breath-centred movement of an integrated yoga practice for improved wellbeing.

Even when the snooze-button calls, you can wake up to a happier, more productive day. Prioritise your health and happiness with these morning rituals from Australia’s lifestyle and wellness experts. A better you is only one sleep away!

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