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Express Yourself with These Creative Courses

We all need a creative outlet in order to express ourselves and let our inner child out to play. Exercising your imagination is not only fun; creative expression also benefits your life at large, as you become more focused, thoughtful and so much more fulfilled.

Life Insurance can also help secure your financial future, so if something unfortunate happens you may not have to give up the things that make it special.

Whether you want to unleash your inner artist, pour your heart out into your writing, make sense of the world with clay, or are simply obsessed with all things craft, we’ve gathered the best creative courses for you to discover what your imagination is truly capable of.

Writers Victoria, Victoria

Over 3,400 members strong, Writers Victoria is the largest guild dedicated to the craft of writing in Victoria. They offer a variety of creative classes, creative workshops, webinars, and even tutoring opportunities so every writer can find their ideal course to help hone their writing skills.

Writers Victoria believes that ‘everyone has a story to tell’. Their writing courses give writers of all abilities and experience levels the skills and inspiration that are required to reach the next level.

Learn expert tips on writing and publishing, receive invaluable feedback, find out about opportunities and competitions, and learn which resources can help keep those creative juices flowing.

Writing is an excellent activity for reducing stress and anxiety, just ask anyone who journals!

It’s also a huge confidence booster to finally start that novel you’ve been planning for years.

Cocktails and Canvas, Melbourne

Cocktails and Canvas has taken two of life’s pleasures – cocktails and painting, combining them together to create a masterclass. This relaxing and laid-back paint and sip course is designed to bring people together to paint and learn in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Part of being creative is about letting go. With a brush in one hand and a cocktail in the other, artists of all levels will feel comfortable expressing themselves. ‘Walk in a sceptic, leave with a masterpiece!’ promises the studio.

With step-by-step instructions and guidance, you’ll learn everything from the fundamentals to expert tips. You might be surprised at your previously unknown skill.

Painting is well-known to promote mindfulness and allows people to escape all the tension and worries of ‘non-painting life.’ At Cocktails and Canvas you can expect to recharge, de-stress, and have fun.

Thread Den, Melbourne

This Melbourne-based sewing studio has been teaching people how to express themselves by creating gorgeous fabric creations for nine years. People from all walks of life come to learn everything from crochet to leather bag making.

Sewing, knitting, and craft making in general offer a great release from life. ‘It is very difficult for those pesky little stressful thoughts to sneak in while you are making something,’ says Danielle Bamford, owner and teacher at Thread Den.

As the fabric arts are in a revival phase right now, many businesses are even sending people to the Thread Den to knit, sew and improve their work-life balance!

Creating functional art is incredibly fulfilling. You’ll get to experience that creative joy that comes with making and designing your own garments and crafts.

Silky Shapes Studio, Sydney

With the firm belief that everyone can learn pottery, the Silky Shapes Studio offers classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. With small groups and an easy-going atmosphere, students can discover their inner potter in a relaxed, creative space.

In the Silky Shapes Studio, students learn the basics of throwing, trimming, and decorating, as well as hand building techniques and surface decoration skills. Once you have the basics down, you have the option to hone your skills at the studio independent of instruction.

The experience of throwing clay onto a wheel and shaping it into something that continues to transform as it moves under your hands is very meditative, and even therapeutic, with the added benefit of having something beautiful to take home at the end. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals!

JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Adelaide

JamFactory is an artisan's hub, a not-for-profit organisation, created to promote outstanding Australian design and craftsmanship. With skilled artisans on site, JamFactory provides a unique opportunity for people to learn from the best with hands-on creative workshops.

Art forms like glass blowing and silver jewellery making require quite a bit more skill to start out, as well as equipment and materials, than other creative outlets. JamFactory makes these truly enjoyable crafts accessible to a wider audience.

Try their jewellery making course and learn take-home techniques that enable you to continue creating fantastic pieces and develop your skills. For something different the glass blowing course allows students to be creative within a team environment.

Both these creative arts courses are excellent for combining left and right brain thinking to boost creativity and problem-solving skills.

Live Love Learn, Sydney

Live Love Learn is a creative, nurturing art studio offering, amongst other classes, parent and child workshops to feed imaginations in an inspired, fun and stress-free environment.

Bond with your child and introduce them to the world of art than through Team Mum-and-Me workshops, an amazing space for parents and kids to connect and to let those imaginations (young and older) run wild. This offering from Live Love Learn is truly unique, incorporating yoga and nutrition into a variety of creative mediums, perfect for active, young minds.

Enjoy learning and creating together, then take your foundation knowledge home to build upon. It helps engage little ones and lets parents really step into the wonder of being a kid again. This workshop is excellent for relieving stress – for both kids and parents. The wonderful techniques taught help to encourage mindfulness in everyday life.

Bobbin and Ink, Sydney

A unique, ultra-fun studio, workspace and shop, Bobbin and Ink is busy teaching inspired pupils of all ages how to sew, screen print and fall in love with their creative pursuits. The studio offers a range of creative courses including fabric printing and vintage dressmaking.

‘Learning how to make anything by hand is a very empowering skill,’ say the studio’s owners. With monthly memberships for supervised use of the workspace, you can pursue you can sew and screen print to your heart’s content. Beyond fulfilling your creative desires, everyone walks out of Bobbin and Ink with a deep respect for the handmade process, the tools and equipment.

As advocates of the crafting community, Bobbin and Ink host regular events in their creative hub where like-minded individuals can meet and talk about the passion that unifies them.

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking, Melbourne

With a commitment to promoting a greater awareness and appreciation of craftsmanship, the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking has developed stellar creative courses for students of all ages and levels to learn the art of furniture making.

The guild says that many are attracted to learning the traditional skill because someone in their family was a craftsman and they want to rekindle the bond with their family histore, while others appreciate getting to work with their hands – especially after a day sitting behind a desk.

And there’s plenty to learn, with everything from choosing timbers and cutting dovetails by hand to learning how to use heavy duty machinery. Woodworking provides an amazing medium for developing patience, appreciation and to just embrace slowing down, something that has become a rarity in today's world.

ErinHill Sketching, Sydney, Melbourne and International

ErinHill Sketching uses an innovative method for teaching people how to draw. Known as travel sketching, you’ll be guided step-by-step to discover your latent talent within. Needing little more than a pencil and drawing pad, this method is about sketching simple impressions of everyday things.

ErinHill Sketching really emphasises the process of learning, which puts people at ease so they can immerse themselves in what they are doing. You’ll discover that you’re capable of doing something that you may never have believed you could. Once that door is open, with sketchbook in hand, the possibilities are endless.

Many people continue sketching once they start, giving people an excellent creative outlet that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Georgettes Art. Gallery, Studio & Tuition, Brisbane

Lifetime artist Georgette Schwantes gives back to her passion through Art Therapy classes at Georgette’s Art. She provides weekly sculpture classes at her Brisbane studio. The basics of pottery and ceramics are taught, as well as more advanced techniques – students are guided at their own pace.

Art is therapy, healing, and life’s most universal balm. Students enjoy sculpting and experiencing the deep benefits it brings them. The tranquil garden setting of the studio makes the classes all the more peaceful.

Through Georgette’s Art Therapy, students not only learn how to sculpt, but they also engage in emotional and psychological healing, and gain a deep understanding of how bringing art into their lives can help to improve their state of mind and well-being.

Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, Sydney

The Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School teaches sculpture in the classic atelier tradition. Offering creative courses in a light, airy Sydney studio, it is the oldest and most highly respected institution of its kind in Australia.

If the thrill of creating something tangible appeals to you, it’s hard to beat sculpting as it provides a genuine sense of achievement and a feeling of fulfilment as you watch your creation come to life in your hands. Choose your medium be it clay, plaster, wax or stone and learn at your own pace.

As a very hands-on, physical art form, students get to experience a rewarding challenge while also slowing down and fully stepping into the world of creativity.

Craft School Oz, Various Locations Throughout Australia

Offering contemporary craft workshops throughout Australia, Craft School Oz teaches a variety of old craft traditions such as basket coiling and indigo dyeing to anyone who wants to learn something really unique.

‘With the resurgence of craft many people are connecting with old craft traditions that have a contemporary feel,’ say the crafty folk behind the company. There is a lot of history involved with these older art forms and many people are intrigued by this historical aspect. Learn how to weave a basket with a variety of plant materials and fibres, and discover the history behind the craft as well.

Any craft where you can work with your hands doubles as a form of meditation. Basket coiling is richly relaxing, not to mention rewarding as you have a new way to create fun gifts for others.

Art Est. Art School and Gallery, Sydney

Art Est. Art School and Gallery is a light-filled warehouse with teaching studios, artists in residence studios and a gallery. The school offers creative classes in different mediums to both children and adults.

As Pablo Picasso said, ‘Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ The owners say their dedicated students come to the studio to get away from everyday routines and to have a chance to engage the often neglected right side of the brain.

You’re spoilt for choice with the many different classes available, from watercolour and drawing to printmaking, this is your one-stop-shop to sharpen any visual art skills.

The peace of mind that comes with art is priceless! Also, getting to meet other people who are interested in being expressive and creative can make the experience that much more rewarding.

Making time for art is an essential for wellbeing. Pick your medium, sign up for a class, and have fun on your creative journey. Who knows where it will take you!